Inspiring Lighting For Reading Nook

Reading nooks are the ideal way to turn a corner of your home into a refuge and sanctuary for enjoying a good book or magazine. While the location is important, inspiring lighting to make you enjoy your reading nook is even more important. Lighting can make the difference in you staying for 5 minutes, or lingering until you finish just one more chapter.

Even though you feel like you have enough light in your reading nook, make sure you have at least 2 lighting sources – and one of them should be a natural light source. This enables your nook to be used at multiple times of the day for reading, but also for relaxing, taking a look outside, and even daydreaming. A second lighting source can be a lamp, an overhead light, or a wall sconce. Sit in your reading nook at varying times of day to assess what type of lighting you are lacking.

There are as many lights to choose from as there are colors to paint your walls with. Start gaining lighting inspiration from home decor magazines and blogs to see what lighting you ‘have to have!’ Choose from fabric pendant drum lighting fixtures that have a bold presence or choose small pendants that you forget are even there. If you have a large nook, consider a floor reading lamp, and multiple table lamps throughout your space. Choose lighting that inspires you and makes you want to enjoy your illuminated nook.


Have you ever found a great reading nook spot, come to find out you can’t find an electrical outlet anywhere? Don’t let your lighting sources be the reason you fail to enjoy your ideal reading nook spot. From battery operated lanterns to LED book clip lights, and unique cordless reading lights, the options are limitless when it comes to lighting. Consider using wired decorative lighting on a string from an adjacent area, or consider using modern candelabras around your nook for an intimate and personal reading space you can call all your own.


Sure, the traditional reading nook includes a big chair or sofa and a lamp, but any area can turn into a unique reading nook. Furniture companies and designers have turned to innovative ideas for lighting and reading nook spaces. From all-in-one units that combine seating, shelving and lighting to utilizing the forgotten space below a flight of stairs. Wherever is your space to retreat, be creative with the lighting and take your design cues from the innovative space you’ve carved out for yourself.

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Lighting your reading nook is as important as the big comfy pillows that you choose to adorn your area. Consider the same criteria when choosing lighting for your kid’s bed side or reading nook areas. The ability to transform a corner of your home into a getaway retreat area is what recharges the human spirit, and gives us a break from the constant hum of smart phones and computers. Find some creative lights, or open up the blinds, either way, make your reading nook as inspiring as your favorite novel.

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