Innovations In Choosing Paints For Your Home

Innovations In Choosing Paints For Your Home – To make a room look warm and inviting the right tone needs to be set with the colors one chooses for the walls. Rooms can look really misshapen if the walls are not properly painted. They can look drab if the color clashes with the decor of the room. So a room that is perfectly painted is on the wish list of anyone decorating their home.

Over the last couple of decades, the decorative portion of the industry has seen major changes in technology. From eco-friendly to pocket-friendly all sorts of products are demanded by the consumer. From oil paints to primers, everything is available in the market.

This segment sees the most growth as the demand for repainting homes is very high in the world’s market. Most of the houses get a coat of color once in three years at least and hence this becomes a huge market for repeat sales as well.


While color and texture is what the layman feels is the most important thing to look for in good colors, it is not entirely true. From a professional point of view the attributes of a good coat of color are different. One of the most important aspects is convenience of application. This is vital in getting the right finish. The coat should not retain the brush marks that come with the application. While painting walls, people look for products that dry fast. Water resistant paints are a good choice for interior colors as one can then easily clean the surface. High-quality paints that do not corrode are preferred for surfaces that tend to be exposed to the rain or direct sunshine.

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Wall colors – Trends 2015

The trends in the color choices and the textures used in the homes keep changing from time to time. The latest buzz is about an accent wall for the room. This wall is normally painted in a contrast and bright color. This is also usually a big blank wall in the room. It gives a personality to the room and the choice of color for the accent wall sets the tone of the room. All the other walls in the room are kept a neutral color to really bring out the accent wall.






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