Industrial Style In Home Decorations

The industrial style in home decoration is perfect in its imperfection. Specific and easily recognizable, but very easy to achieve. The concept of industrial style interior design is based on the use of all available resources, from construction to furniture and decorative elements. The industrial style interior design is often used in decorating a lofts, adapted housing, creating an image of the re-designed factory halls or warehouses. Industrial design is booming thanks to the attractive and interesting appearance.

Industrial style is mainly characterized by the appearance of incompleteness or lack of sofisticated materials. It focuses on the combination of rough, untreated surfaces with smooth and shiny ones.

industrial style

The primary elements of the style have a distinctive look as if they came out of a factory hall. These elements are: brick walls, wooden chairs with metal legs or bare tubes, minimalism, so do not overdo it with furniture, decorations, color mixing, etc.

Do you want a touch of industrial style in home decoration, while not want to overdo it, you can achieve it by adding various items made of wood (often untreated), movie posters, interesting lamps, old suitcases and chest, as well as other decorative items you may already have, or you can purchase them on various fairs and flea markets at very good price.

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The industrial style combines various materials such aswood, metal, old bricks. Characterized by “naked” construction materials, such as various installations, brick or concrete; as well as the use of wood that is often rough or “worn” look. The appearance of old bricks can also be achieved by applying various photo wallpaper with this pattern. Furniture is often leather and is very acceptable if it is to see scratches and years of use. Industrial style borders on the Scandinavian and vintage style, and together make the perfect complement.

Although industrial style might seem rough and crude, it is easy to “soften” details such as plants, vases with flowers, fur carpets, comfortable furniture, a fireplace, bookshelves, curtains, old photographs or posters and become a real warm home that works very chic.

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