Industrial Home Style

Industrial Home Style –  Industrial home style is sleek, modern and minimalist. Whilst the industrial look is best suited to converted industrial buildings such as warehouses and loft style apartments, this look can be adapted to other interiors.

Key colors for industrial home style are black, grey and white and could be used for upholstery fabric on sofas and chairs. A good idea would be to use a grey tartan fabric on a feature armchair or if you want to add a splash of color use a black and grey fabric with a vivid pink stripe.

To lift the scheme you could add a vibrant color as an accent, for example red or yellow and use for accessories such as cushions or add lush green plants. Furniture should have clean and sleek lines.

Blinds are ideal for window dressings. Striped fabrics look particularly smart made up into roman blinds. Venetian and vertical blinds are also suitable for this look and can be found in a wide variety of finishes and colors, from metallic to wooden.

One of the key components of this look is exposed brickwork. If you are not lucky enough to have the real thing there are some really good wallpapers available which are very effective. Walls can be painted in greys or whites or perhaps add a bold feature wallpaper which would look stunning.

Wooden or polished concrete floors are great for this look but if this is too cold and you want to soften this add rugs for warmth and texture.

Open plan living space is a key element of this look and the kitchen area should have glossy, shiny units and, also have sleek, clean lines. Work surfaces should have an industrial finish such as stainless steel. Accessories should be kept to a minimum, anything on show should be in stainless steel.

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Lighting should also have an industrial look and metal fittings and shades give an edgy feel.

You can still have a softer look in the bedroom without losing the industrial feel. Choose throws and bed covers in a metallic grey and add a rug to the sides of the bed to keep feet warm when getting out of bed!

Display artwork of your choice on the wall, large canvases will give a stylish look.

If you don’t want a complete industrial look, this look can be fused successfully with other styles to create a cozier style whilst still remaining chic and edgy. Try combining with a modern country look, for instance in a kitchen you could have copper cookware on show or rustic boxes as storage.

Industrial interiors can look very chic and stylish however they can look quite stark so if you prefer a cozy interior, industrial home style is probably not for you.

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