Indoor Planters from Lechuza

Planters could be the best solution if you want to grow vegetations inside the house. Planters that are suitable for a modern interior design sometimes could be hard to find. Here we go again with another modern indoor planter design collection by Lechuza. Featuring cool shapes, bright and glossy finishes make this planters collection from Lechuza as a perfect addition to any modern room design. This lovely pot is completed with sub-irrigation sets that would help you take care of the plant without sacrificing your spare time.

All these elegant designer style planters made of plastic with high quality paint for a ceramic and metallic look or solid-colored with an attractive textured surface.

Besides that this designer planter is also UV and frost resistant, so it provides a great durability during any seasons. You could place it in your living room, dining room, outdoor terrace or any room and it would make your interior looks even more charming.






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