Ideas For Organizing A Laundry Room

Homeowners usually try hard to hide their laundry room. They’ll speed-walk past a closed door, offering only, “In there is just the laundry room. You don’t want to see that.”

But face it: we all eventually do laundry, and it’s simpler than you may think to make this work space pleasant.

Utilitarian spaces such as laundry rooms and mudrooms seldom receive the attention they deserve, which is odd when you consider how often they are used. A properly planned utility room can be a complete housekeeping area that simplifies your household chores.

These rooms may even serve multiple purposes. A mudroom may double as a grooming center for the family pets and a storage room for sports gear. An overhead rack in a laundry room can be used for drying flowers as well as clothes, and the sink can be turned into a potting center.

There’s something about the laundry closet that attracts embarrassing mess. Not so with this remodeled space that brings order to a weekly chore.

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This utility closet has been turned into a built-in piece of furniture that looks good and works hard, masterfully hiding the washer and dryer. Upper cabinets hold detergent and supplies. On the bottom, bifold doors access the machines. Molding between the units and on the bottom of the cabinet is separate and can be easily removed in case the machines need repair.

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Efficient design and a little construction turned this long hallway into a full-service laundry zone. Three lower cabinet doors pull open to reveal plastic-coated wire hampers. The open-sided bins allow soiled clothes and damp towels to breathe, which prevents mildew between wash loads. In the end, it’s a convenient, light-filled space where function is disguised with style.

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The homeowners turned the door around so it faced the hall. A pull-out shelf in the center of the appliance makes fast work of folding clothes. To add interest to the space, the couple chose a French door for the closet. They then installed a custom cabinet, painted a glossy white, next to the closet.It features three pull-out hampers and ample storage space for linens and detergent.

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Turn a lackluster laundry room into a place that’s a pleasure to work in. Pretty wallpaper and a handy utility sink turn it into a flowery workstation for everyday chores.

By concealing a front-loading washer and dryer in a custom cabinet, this space becomes multipurpose. One minute it’s a fully functional laundry with plenty of room for folding and hanging clothes. Then, once clothes are put away, it becomes a decorative serving area.


The key to this laundry solution is the front-loading washer and dryer, because a square cabinet fits around the appliances to conceal them. Although front-loading appliances may cost more than standard units (full-size stacking units are a similar investment), they are worth every additional penny when making an awkward, little-used space more efficient.

Stenciled motifs on each door provide a distinctive finishing touch. Although this family chose to use sliding doors, a piece of fabric or a standard door made to fit the cabinet would also work.

1055139 colonial-country-open xl

A small, dull utility area gets a wake-up call with wallpaper, painted cabinets, and a checkerboard-pattern floor. You can cover linoleum with inexpensive vinyl composite tiles (around 57 cents each) available at home-improvement stores. They come in a variety of colors, so you can create a custom look. Art can also wake a dull room up, and it doesn’t have to come from a gallery. Start looking for wall ideas everywhere you go. Here, colorful plaques based on vintage vegetable crates ($10 each) hang from burlap twine to cover the electrical outlets and utility hook-ups.

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Keys to an Attractive Laundry Room:

• Invest in wicker baskets or attractive metal tins for your detergent and other laundry supplies.

• Hang plates, fun art, or other accessories on the walls.

• Install cabinets to keep seldom-used items and less-than-attractive necessities, such as scrub brushes and stain removers, out of sight.

Pick up more ideas down below:

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