Ideas For Decorating Walls

Ideas For Decorating Walls – Often we can come across the advice that bare wall is fine, but we’ll tell you why it is not a true. Big wall areas surely make the room spacious, and you certainly should not to cover every single piece of wall. But, the best walls in a home, those without radiators, intercoms or air-conditioning, you should turn into the best parts of your house.

Choose a bold color, and put the accent on the lightning. Decorative lamps or simple reflector lights need a color background. Patterned walls are in fashion again – from baroque styles to contemporary linears.

For huge walls choose rather softer motifs. The bold choices save for accenting part of the wall or columns. It is always possible to change the motif, ones when it becomes boring or out of the fashion. You may like to hang a picture instead. A beautiful landscape is equally good as a picture of urban Manhattan, for example.


To hang a pictures is a great way to decorate your walls. No matter if you go for paintings, posters or photographs, it is important that you enjoy them. And there are always so many different ways to hang a picture. Here is one trick! If the ceiling is low or lowered, hang a one picture above the other – that will create a visual impression of higher walls.


Graffiti wall for the eclectic living room

If you have a time and enough creativity, you can choose various mirrors and put them on the shelves. Old bicycle wheels may be turned into wall clock, and an old racquet into a truly unique mirror (read also about Metal Wall Decor HERE). There is so many ideas and possibilities, so be brave and go ahead!

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Cameroonian Juju hat wall decor




Minimalist wall shelves


Recycled bicycle wheel wall clock


Hats display on the wall


Vintage items wall decorations


Folding chairs also can be an unique wall decor…

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