How To Use Accessories In Home Decorating?

A sense of style is always much personalized and people will generally try to stylize their homes according to their own perception of what is considered stylish. Yet, there are a few guidelines which can be followed while purchasing and placing accessories in a home.

Choose a theme

If the home has furniture that is reflective of days gone by, then the accessories should also have a touch of an earlier era or have a vintage feel to it – accessorize in line with your main furniture items. In a room where the furniture has straight and simple lines, choose modern lamps. In a room where the furniture is carved or has a heavier look and feel, choose Turkish and Indian carpets.

If you’re able, carry a different theme in each room and make sure that none of the accessories clash with the theme or vary too much from other rooms. With the large variety of accessories available in the market, not only is this easy to do, but you can also find a way to create some continuity through the rooms.


Choose the correct colors

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is when they choose colors that are not coordinated and which tend to clash with each other. It is important that one chooses color schemes carefully, and makes sure that it is not a hodgepodge of colors, but a harmonious medley of shades in the room. Bold furniture upholstery goes well with muted walls, a brightly colored lamp will immediately liven up a quiet simple room. Use accessories to balance the color schemes in a room, since color should be distributed equally all around the room, without focusing on any one area.

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Choose what you like

Sometimes what is in fashion may not reflect personal tastes and choices. Always choose accessories that are personally pleasing, since they have to be a part of your own home. If there is a particular piece of art which is much loved, then it should be placed first and everything else should take the lead from its colors and theme. An heirloom carpet can become the focal point of a room, and all other colors and accessories can be derived from it.


Every accessory should serve a purpose

Often accessories are purchased because they look good in a store, but at home they do not coordinate well with the rest of the items in the room. Each accessory should be there only if it has a specific purpose. It could have a sentimental or nostalgic value, it could be a part of a coordinated theme, or it could even be there to add color to the room. Do not over accessorize, if an accessory does not fit, then it is better that it is removed from the room.


Correct placing

A symmetrical arrangement of furniture is generally done for a formal room, and an asymmetrical one is done for informal lounges and bedrooms. Placing the furniture and accessories correctly is very important while attempting to achieve a stylish neatly decked room. Place the largest pieces first, and then coordinate the other accessories around them. Mirrors should either reflect light or beautiful art pieces. Lamps should give light and also adorn table tops and dressers. Paintings or photographs can be grouped together to achieve a focal point in the room without spending too much money.

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Trust your instincts

Trust your own sense of style to prepare a room where you would be happy to spend time in. Follow the guidelines given above, but also follow what your heart says. Every room should be a reflection of your taste and your personal choices, and if these differ from the latest fashions, it really does not matter at all. Fashions are constantly changing, but style and good taste is perennial. Accessories are chosen to last for a longer time period, and you are the one who is going to be living with them the longest. Spend some time making a plan, and then follow it through using your personal preferences and tastes as the benchmark.


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