How To Transform Your Boring Room Into A Cool One

How To Transform Your Boring Room Into A Cool One – Is your room already look boring and lifeless whenever you enter and look around it? Then it is probably time to make some changes into your room. Decorating is easy to do when you just know what and how to do it. To help you out on your dilemma, we listed below some tips you can do to transform any boring room into a cool and chic one without breaking the bank.

1. Have a statement wall

Choose a wall in the room that you wanted to stand out. Paint it with a stunning color that will make it pop.

Depending on the theme of the room, you can install bricks or wallpaper that will complement with other decorations in your room. Another option that you can use in making a statement wall is painting it with a chalkboard color paint to give you an option to decorate it anytime you like.

2. Install window treatment

Make your room looks outstanding by adding décor in your window with the use of curtains and blinds. There are blinds and curtains that are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Choose a color of window treatment that will complement with other room décor and the wall paint. Adding a window treatment will not only add decoration into your room but you can also control the amount of light and privacy that you needed for your room.

3. Pegboard like a piece of art

If you have a workspace in your room, install a pegboard in that area to give you extra storage and decorating space. Use some hooks and small cans or baskets where you can store small stuff like pens, markers, and scissors. Add some trinkets into the basket or place some pictures using magnets for extra decoration. Hang your accessories and jewelries into the hooks that you can place into the pegboard. Spray it with a bright neon color to make it look stunning.

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4. Add some indoor plants

Make your room look cool and refreshing by placing some flowers or plants. It will instantly add color into your room and can serve as an extra decoration. If you do not have a green thumb, you can choose low maintenance plants like succulents or cactus. Decorating faux flowers with different colors is another option. Place it in a vase that has an elegant design and color that will match with other room decor.

5. Use washi tape to decorate walls

If you are in a budget but still want to revamp your room, buy some washi tapes that are available in wide range of colors and designs. Choose a wall in your room to decorate with geometric shapes using bright colored tapes. In this way, you can instantly turn a boring wall into a stunning one. Washi tapes can also be used as a frame for photos or magazine pages that you want to use as decorations.

6. Use unique side table

Instead of choosing the mainstream and boring bedside table, you can use a metal trash bin and turn it upside down to make it an instant side table. Just spray paint it with the color that you like and place a nice lamp that you can use during night time. There are also bunch of DIY projects that you can try when making your own bedside table like an old luggage bag or pile of books.


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