How To Set Up A Gym At Home

How To Set Up A Gym At Home – A lot of people do not have access to a local gym. For people who fall into this category and perhaps do not have much time due to work or home commitments a gym at home is a good solution.

So what are the things that you need to know in order to set up a gym at home? Well, if you have used the gym before to train then you will understand what exercise needs you have and this makes things a lot easier.

If you have never used a gym before and are a complete novice it might be worth your while going to a public gym to see what it has to offer. Alternatively you could employ a personal trainer, if budget permits, who can advise you on what you need for your home gym and also check that you are using the equipment properly – as using the wrong technique can be harmful. Otherwise, there are books or videos on offer and you could learn what to do with a friend so as to check your respective techniques are correct.


The next question is where are you going to put this gym? If you have the option you should set it so it can remain permanently set up – all these pack away and folding things might seem like a good idea, but it is just one more obstacle in the way of your training. Besides this, the folding stuff is not always the greatest quality! So if you have a garage or a spare downstairs room (downstairs is a better idea than upstairs if you will be using weights), so much the better. If the weather is favorable in your neck of the woods you might consider a set up in the garden – your very own little muscle beach!

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Okay, we’ve decided on a setting for our gym at home, now it is time to equip the place. All workouts should include a cardio session, and this may be the hardest thing to accommodate in a home setup. Low cost stationary bikes and treadmills are often not worth the money. A more costly running machine might do the trick if your pockets are deep, but they are also large items. A rower has the advantage of being easily stow-able – just tip it upright. These can be quite good value, but rowing is not everyone’s cup of tea. Compact but expensive are the Nordic Ski and the Step. If you cannot decide then why not take a half hour jog at the start of each session instead?


The basis of any home gym is the lifting equipment, not just for muscle jocks, but for everyone. It may be the wrong choice to shell out for a multi gym unit, even though it looks as though it does everything. This is where some experience with a wide variety of gym gear helps you know what to invest in. For many purposes the best choice will be free weights – a selection of interchangeable weights to make up a wide variety of barbell and dumbbell exercises works out to be very good value. Then you should get the best bench you can and make sure it has the attachments that let you work the various muscle groups in your legs. A quality floor surface (a mat will do to begin with) will mean you can comfortably do press ups, sit ups and the vital stretches. Then you have a complete gym set up in the comfort of your own home.

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