How To Restore Dirty Upholstery And Carpets To Their Former Glory

It is not news that certain upholstery and carpets can collect dust and dirt extremely quickly. No-one wants a sofa sitting pride of place in their living room, looking grubby. Carpets complete a room and complement the interior; if it is dirty in comparison with the rest of the room, it will stick out like a sore thumb! If you are looking for ways to restore your upholstery and carpets to their former glory, and to bring life back to parts of your home, read on. We have compiled an easy-to-follow guide to assist you with bringing the very best out of your upholsteries and carpets.

Before attempting to give the furniture and carpet a deep clean, you need to clear away any appliances or other furniture which might get in your way. On the back of that, ensure that any surface dirt is removed; give the upholstery or carpet a quick hoover! To begin the restoration process, make sure to pre-treat any particularly stubborn stains and dirt with cleaning products. This will help to lift a stain as much as possible and help to protect the fabric or carpet that you are working on. Pre-treating dirt and stains help to make the later jobs a little bit easier. Red wine and coffee are notoriously difficult stains to remove, so it is advised to pre-treat those.

Main Restoration
If you are finding yourself faced with some particularly difficult stains in your upholstery and carpets and cannot think of anything else to try to treat the problems, consider hiring an upholstery cleaning service to assist you with the monumental task. Cleaning companies have plenty of years’ experience – including some with over 12 years – dealing with a variety of different stains and furniture. Using primarily steam and hot water extraction methods, you can rest assured that any dirt deeply embedded in your furniture or carpets, will be drawn right out. You will be free of any nasty odors and stains! For more information about the processes which these upholstery cleaning services use, visit Near Me Carpet Cleaning. One thing to note is that upholsteries and carpets can be a bit damp following these kinds of treatments, especially with the use of hot water. Remember to allow them time to air-dry before using again, and you will have restored your upholsteries and carpets to their former glory. Good job!

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After Care
Following the in-depth cleaning process, to ensure that your upholstery and carpets are protected, you will want to treat them with some form of upholstery protector. Taking simple measures such as watching where you put your glass of wine or cup of coffee, will prevent any spills and subsequently, any new stains from being made. If you are the owner of a beloved family dog, ensure that they are fully dry before allowing them to sit on the sofa, especially if it is made from suede or fabric. These water-sensitive materials would otherwise absorb any moisture, leaving the material, upholstery and nearby carpets smelling of wet dog. Not an ideal scent that’s for sure!

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