How To Organize The Cupboards Under The Stairs

If it is large enough, the cupboard under the stairs is the perfect place to keep virtually anything that does not otherwise have a natural home. If there is no room in the kitchen, this will be the home of the vacuum cleaner. If you do not have a utility room, it will house the ironing board and the iron. And it is the natural home for spare light bulbs, fuses, picture hooks, batteries – the stuff you do not need every day, but when you do, it has to be immediately to hand.

Think of this as an enormous filing cabinet for bulky things, so keep everything to hand and labelled. Put small items in old jam jars and label them. Use clear plastic storage boxes for bigger items such as light bulbs.

Group like with like, so you are not running round the house looking for things. Thus the cupboard may contain not only the ironing board, but also the iron and the clothes horse; near the vacuum cleaner should be the spare bags and the filters. Along with spare fuses and light bulbs, keep candles in case of power cuts, along with a torch and some matches.


If you keep dog meal or dried cat food in the cupboard under the stairs, make sure they are in closed containers. Otherwise, they may attract mice. Do not store chemicals in the cupboard under the stairs, especially if there are children in the house. If there is no alternative, keep the cupboard locked.

To prevent the cupboard turning into a glory hole, turn it out once a year. Throw out everything you have kept for more than 3 years without ever needing or looking at it. Vacuum it thoroughly and wash down paintwork and shelves. Reline shelves if necessary and make sure everything is dry before replacing the contents.

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