How To Organize A Mudroom?

Every home needs a spot where you can corral clutter and drop off your coat, bags, and muddy shoes. That’s the reason why we have a mudroom. A mudroom is a necessity as it acts as a transition point in your home; the transition from the outdoors to the indoors. A mudroom is supposed to get dirty; it’s a space for stripping off wet, sweaty or dirty clothing and shoes so you don’t have to drag them through the rest of your home.

Today a mudroom is situated near the primary entrance way off the family rooms. Due to the constant family traffic, the area has a tendency to be repository of clothes, coats, shoes, umbrellas, books bags and various other articles like sports equipment and rock collections to name a few. The entrance way area also collects a lot of dirt. Designing a mudroom takes the multipurpose function of the room into consideration and provides for its many uses.

There are many advantages of having mudrooms as they keep the clutter out of the kitchen. A well organized mudroom can manage the clutter. A well designed mudroom should have seemingly unlimited storage areas for purses, back packs, coats and shoes. Not only should there be storage areas but there should be organization. To achieve this there should be some furniture in mudrooms includes storage cabinets, coat racks, closets, cubby holes and sitting benches.


When shopping for home furniture for use in a large family’s mudroom, it is important to look for functionality. During the winter months one of the most used piece of home furniture in your home are the coat racks. You can buy coat racks for your mudroom and coat racks at the main entrance way into the house. The children’s coat racks could be shorter than the adult coat rack for practicality purposes. They have had a foot section removed from them to make them shorter and more accessible to the children. The coat racks hold the coats, sweaters, gloves and winter hats. In the spring time coat racks hold raincoats and umbrellas.

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Another piece of useful home furniture in the mudroom, in addition to a coat rack, is a bench where family members can sit on when removing their shoes. This piece of home furniture has drawers in which children store their shoes and boots. Each drawer is labeled with a child’s name to avoid any confusion.


A good sturdy doormat is also important to wipe off muddy or wet shoes. Purchase a recessed mat, as these are easily cleaned and effectively trap dirt and moisture. They are also recommended because they are safe; not a tripping hazard. Another neat piece of home furniture for you mudroom can be the versatile armoire, complete with shelves and hooks. Backpacks, bags and purses can be stored in here.

When shopping for home furniture for your mudroom, purchase a wall mirror, some extra hooks and also a trash receptacle. Remember that the mudroom holds mostly seasonal items, once winter is over keep coats and boots away in storage. Constantly revisit the room and remove items that do not belong thus keeping the clutter to a minimum.


With a limited budget and a small time investment, a mudroom can be turned into a well organized space by using a few home furniture pieces. A well organized mudroom can save you the headache of looking for shoes and coats in the morning rush.



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