How To Match Your Curtains With Upholstery Fabrics?

How To Match Your Curtains With Upholstery Fabrics? When you decide to re-decorate your current home or you are lucky enough to have just moved into a brand new home; you will invariably turn your attention to deciding upon the colors you would like in each room.

Many weekends and evenings will be spent deciding upon a color scheme and you will search for that perfect wallpaper or paint that will compliment each space you have to decorate.


Larger rooms, such as the main living area or master bedroom will lend themselves to a variety of different shades and patterns. Smaller rooms, such as your dining area or kitchen may need a lighter shade so the space does not feel claustrophobic.

Choosing a simple wallpaper or paint maybe the best option if you are looking to dress the room with colorful bedding and curtain fabric. Natural colors lend themselves well to be matched with a range of other brighter colors. You want your room to be relaxing and inviting.



Vallila interiors

Once you have decided upon your color scheme, finding someone to carry out the work for you is usually the best way of ensuring it will be finished to a professional standard. We all seem to think we are able to wallpaper our rooms, but when it comes to it matching the patterns and smoothing out the bubbles is much harder than anticipated.

When the room is complete, it is now for the exciting part and the dressing of the room. You can now get excited about completing the look of room with bedding, lighting, carpet, curtain fabrics as well as adding pictures and trinkets.

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Shades of grey

Bedding is a simple and effective way of making a room feel luxurious and to add some much needed color, if you decided to use a natural shade on the walls. You could dress the bed with large comfy cushions, luxury cotton duvet covers and finish off the look with a large, fluffy bedspread. All of which can be bought in matching colors and patterns.

When it comes to choosing your curtain fabric, many people are choosing to look online to find their perfect set. Online companies seem to offer a much larger range of colors and options and can give exceptional advice on what exactly you are looking for too.



Curtain fabric ideally should be heavy and well lined, you want to be able to sleep in a room of complete darkness and a fully lined pair of curtains will also help eliminate noise too. With a range of colors and patterns available, finding the right pair for your room should be a simple and exciting process.

If you have furniture with seat pads or cushions in your room, you may want to follow the same color and pattern and choose upholstery fabric to match the rest of the room. Upholstery material should be durable, cleanable and resistant to soil and fading and because of this, it will usually be thicker than standard material.



The word upholstery comes from the old Victorian Middle English word ‘upholder’. The word ‘upholder’ referred to a tradesman who help up his goods, often looking to give them a new lease of life through changing the seat pads or material used.

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Many companies will offer you the chance to buy your curtain fabric and upholstery material in the same color and pattern, so you can ensure your room looks perfectly matched and coordinated.


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