How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles?

How To Make Christmas Tree Baubles? Do you have old or simple unattractive Christmas tree baubles? You can refresh their look with a little of effort and skill. All you need are scissors, glue, ribbons, little ornaments, glittering beads and metallic spray paints.

Re-design by embellishments

Simple, smooth baubles you can decorate with decorative, glittering ribbons in various colors, in one color or with different patterns.

Pre-cut ribbons into squares or other desired geometric shapes. On a dry and clean surface of bauble glue pieces of ribbon. Add a decorative ribbons to hang the balls on a tree.


Refresh the old colors

If you are skilled in free-hand drawing, you can decorate single-color beads with appropriate drawings. Use a glue to draw dots, snowflakes, stars, pine tree, etc … Put the decorative glittering dust in a small plastic cup. Use the dust carefully to cover all places on the bauble covered with a glue. Once done, leave the bauble to dry completely before adding more decorations.

Baubles dressed in jewels

This retro-look is a reminder of the times when elegant and simple Christmas tree decoration was very popular. Baubles decorated in this way will be very attractive piece of jewelry on your tree.

Here’s how you can revive old Christmas ornaments that are no longer meant to be used. The shimmering of small beads will refresh your baubles and give a new, richer look to them. All you need are old baubles, various beads, glue, tweezers and gold sparkling marker.

During the work it’s very important to keep the working surface clean, so you wouldn’t have unwanted dust and dirt glued to your bauble.
First decorate one side of the ornament and leave to dry thoroughly before start to decorate the other side. When beads are dry, you can draw a shimmering ring around the beads using marker or paint.

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Simple decorations

If you like that your Christmas tree is decorated with baubles in simple, solid colors, you can achieve a lovely playfulness by choosing contrast colors and baubles of different sizes, from very small to quite large. Blinking lights can be successfully replaced with glass beads.






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