How To Make A Small Kitchen Looks Bigger?

How to make a small kitchen looks bigger? If you have a small kitchen, you need a good organization. Only well organized kitchen can be suitable for the whole family to use it in the best way. With some changes the space you have may be increased.

You may think that you already done everything to make your kitchen more spacious and functional. But there are few more details that could make a big difference.


Color and shine

If you are decorating a new kitchen or painting the walls, try to choose light colors – the space will automatically look much bigger. Shiny finish on cupboard doors will help too, because the light will reflect into the space. With only partial decorating, you may change the doors on upper cupboards. Usage of wood painted in light colors or glass doors for it, will make your kitchen much more spacious and it will look fresh and modern.



Try to use a small size handles, that not sticks out too much. Big handles could be a real nuisance in a small and crowded kitchen. Some kitchen cupboards don’t have handles at all and the doors are opening by pressing the corner of the door.



Deeper drawers are ideal for a good storage of kitchen utensils and cookware. Top cupboards should be high up to the ceiling. On the top shelf you can always put the things you don’t need so often.



Don’t leave things that you use daily on the worktop, no matter how small they are. Many people like to keep in kitchen various decorative items, but it doesn’t look great if your kitchen is too small. Rather put one wall decoration that will really suits well the kitchen style, and wouldn’t use any precious space.

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If you don’t have enough room for nice table and chairs, you may consider to put a breakfast bar on one side of your kitchen. The chairs will easily fit under it. Worktops need to have a good lightning, especially if the window is not in the best position. The food also can be stored on kitchen trolleys that are on the wheels and can be moved around.



A good lightning not just helps you to see what you do, but also makes the space visually bigger. It is always the best to have a loads of natural light, so remove any heave curtains or blinds. Small halogen lamps can be fitted anywhere in the kitchen – on the ceiling, walls or cupboards.

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