How To Keep Your Kitchen Clean?

How to keep your kitchen clean? Kitchens are a crucial part of every cleaning regimen. The presence of all types of food, from raw meat to crumby cookies, makes it a particularly dirty place in the home. And, the fact that we cook and eat in the kitchen make the room’s bacteria particularly dangerous to your home’s inhabitants. So stay on top of your cleaning game and use these five tips to keep your kitchen a home for food and not bacteria.

1. Clean as you go, particularly while cooking. This is the best way to avoid huge piles of dirty dishes (in a home without a dishwasher, of course), which are great hiding places for mold and bacterial growth. Pots and pans are easiest to clean just after cooking, although it is advisable to let them cool down first.

Dry everything, and put it away. End each day with a clean, empty sink so you can enjoy your kitchen to the fullest, instead of being disgusted by it.


2. Keep your countertops free of clutter. Try not to keep many jars and containers on the counter, as they will just make it more difficult to use the space and will hide dirt and crumbs that can fall underneath them. Have a specific place for everything, and when you are finished using something put it away immediately.

3. Clean your stove regularly. If you don’t feel like cleaning it each time you use it, at least try to clean it twice a week. Doing this will keep your overall cleaning time short, as it will prevent difficult-to-remove stains from accumulating on your stovetop. Use an eco-friendly liquid cleaner to wipe it off, or make your own cleaner by mixing baking soda and apple vinegar. To clean your oven, take the racks out and soak them in the same mixture for 45 minutes, then take them out and dry them. Sprinkle a little salt on food that falls to the bottom of the oven to reduce the smoke and smell immediately. (How to remove grease from kitchen cabinets read HERE).


4. Avoid sponges as much as possible. They are a great hiding place and home for harmful bacteria. Opt instead for paper towels, or if you are concerned about waste and prefer sponges, microwave your sponge in a bowl of hot water once a week. This will effectively kill most of the bacteria present.

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5. Take your garbage out regularly, while keeping an eye out for recyclables. Instead of just tossing that sticky jam jar, wash it out and keep it or recycle it. By washing used containers and recycling them rather than throwing them away, you will keep your garbage relatively fresh and do something good for the earth as well!


Take just these five tips into account when you are cleaning your kitchen and you will see a dramatic difference in its cleanliness.

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