How to Fit a Dining Room Into a Small Space

A space can definitely limit the types of parties you host (it might not be a great idea to have a kegger in your studio apartment), it shouldn’t keep you from inviting smaller groups of friends over for a dinner party. Here are 5 ways to make room for a dining table, even if you have a small living space and live in a few hundred square feet.

1. Try a round table.
A compact round table usually seats more people than a rectangular one, and it can fit into tight corners. Kens’ table (shown in the first photo above) is an extra-space-saving vintage Danish modern Hans Olsen dining set.

diningroom rect540

2. Make it do double duty.
Fold two (or three) spaces into one — a dining area can easily double as a home office or a craft table.

3. Use a folding table.
In Scott’s home a round folding table holds a vase of flowers and helps to establish an “entryway,” but it also works as a dining table when you pull up a couple of chairs. Plus, it’s collapsible, so he can put it away whenever he needs more open floor space.


4. Mount your dining room to the wall.
Anna of design blog Door Sixteen used an IKEA Norbo table to create a breakfast nook in her kitchen. It folds flat against the wall when not in use.


5. Try an expandable table.
A slide-out or expandable table can seat one or two people when you’re eating alone, but make room for four to six when you’re having company.

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