How To Find the Best Wood Lathe For Your Home Work

It’s rare to find a woodworking shop without a wood lathe. Planing, sawing, and turning are important wood operations and without a wood lathe, you are less likely to be able to create your desired beautiful woodwork. Working with wood can be somewhat daunting, as you have to perfect everything inclusive of the shape and ensure smooth corners. Therefore, it might interest you to see which wood lathe is the best for the money. In this article, we’ll discuss how you as a woodworker can find the best wood lathe for your home workshop. What things must you bear in mind to make an informed buying decision?

Of course, buying a wood lathe is not an easy thing. The reason being that there are tons of products on the market, each of which competes for your attention. You’ll, however, get the product you are looking for if you can take time to study the features of each product. Also, you’ll get the best as long as you can study their merits and demerits.

Which one is right for you?

Coming to the question of which one is right for you, you’ll have to first of all answer the question- what exactly do you need it for? Do you seek something capable of holding additional attachments? Do you want a wood lathe you can use for cutting, sanding or shaping? What is the size of the wood you will be working on?

Finding the best wood lathe

Choose the highly infamous

Some models are extremely popular among intermediate and expert woodturners. These models stand head and shoulders apart from the rest in terms of speed control, which allows users to set the spindle speed at fixed RPMs. The problem with such types is that they can be out of reach for beginners in terms of price. But, if you can pay the price, why not? Another demerit of these kinds of lathe is that you’re likely to need a bed extension if you want to turn a wood longer than 21 inches because the center-to-center distance is only 21 inches. A typical example of this kind of model is the JET JWL-1221VS Benchtop Wood Lathe.

Choose the best value model

Given that not everyone can afford the 1221VS lathe, even though it is a phenomenal machine; if you seek a low-cost solution, then you might have to consider a lathe that gives an amount of value for the money. The quality is not compromised. You can choose the Grizzly H8259 wood lathe in this case. Lightweight and portable, and with high capacity; if you are just getting into woodturning, then you are very likely to choose a product that gives you value. That is a budget wood lathe.

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Mid-Range Types

These types are for people that are into turning thick and short stocks, as against thin and long. Also, these models are generally affordable. For example, the RIKON Wood Lathe 70-100 is budget-friendly. It has a center-to-center distance of only 16 inches. So, you will need an extension bed to overcome the limitations.

Final Verdict

Your decision to buy a wood lathe for your shop depends on your budget, space, and turning goals. Some choose a lathe for spindle turning. Others do choose faceplate turning. If turning is your principal woodworking pastime, be clear about this before choosing one. If you are only buying to augment your woodworking, know which to choose, too. Choosing on a budget is important if you do not want to spend so much and would rather do a test run. And there are some nice options for you in the marketplace. Also, while there are some premium options and mid-range options.

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