How To Decorate The Kitchen In Rustic Style?

In each rustic kitchen, wood is an essential element. However, this does not mean that the rustic kitchen must be furnished in an antique style, as modern trends provide an opportunity for innovative rustic furnishing – adorned with the spirit of an environmental and rural feel, informal and domestic.

For example, in the white kitchen you can add rustic tone – light blue strips provide all elements of kitchen layout now popular “shabby chic”, and in the rustic kitchen dominates a massive shake table made of wood. The counterweight cabinet makes an excellent and impressive dimensions in the same, shabby chic style.

One of the most important elements of rustic kitchen style is exposing of dishes, cutlery and service in the kitchen cabinets. For this purpose, use open kitchen shelves that can be made at relatively low cost, while slightly more expensive kitchen cabinets have more luxurious details – the back of the kitchen cabinet is made of solid wood, which is important to see through the glass doors on the front.

There is no need to always use antique details and natural materials to achieve rustic effects. Using a nice combination of light and plain chipboard with cork pattern you can get the desired atmosphere as well. Also, in the rustic kitchen you can paint the walls and beams in white colour, and if you keep the angle of the untreated bricks and flooring to a light wooden base colour, the rustic kitchen will stay in a dynamic and cozy atmosphere.




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  1. How exciting to see the more rustic materials mixed with all modern conveniences! I get a lot of call for this type of style in Oregon. Now I can direct people to this article with confidence….thank you!

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