How To Decorate A Small Attic Bedroom

How To Decorate A Small Attic Bedroom – The attic is a perfect place to finish up for an extra bedroom for guests or to use as an office/bedroom combination, but what can you do to make that small space look great? Thankfully there are plenty of decorating techniques that will help give your small attic bedroom a big boost in style.

The color palette is a chief consideration when designing your attic bedroom. If you had always thought that you must keep your small rooms painted white, then here is some good news for you.

Small attic bedroom decorating tips

You will be able to have color and still make the attic bedroom feel bigger by using colors which reflect equal brightness, or using a monochromatic color palette. You might go for a moss green color palette, or if you desire more color you can paint with hues of purple, blue and green that all show the same tone and intensity. You can also add depth to a room by painting the wall opposite the entrance a deep intense color. One trick for making your room appear larger is to paint the walls a hue which appears to make them recede – grayish or blue gray hues are often used for this. However if that sounds too bland, don’t worry because cool colors such as purples, blues and greens also recede so you can use your attractive colors without making the room feel cramped.

Elegant small attic bedroom

Use furniture sparingly and try smaller items. Instead of having bureaus, try using under bed storage which will make it seem more spacious while still allowing for plenty of storage for clothing. One thing you can do to add interest is to mix in a few larger scaled items, like a big cheval mirror, which not only add character but will actually make your attic bedroom feel like it is bigger than it actually is. The tall sleek design of cheval mirror allows them to blend seamlessly into even the smallest of living spaces.

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The cheval mirrors

Think of features you could add to your design theme which will help to make good use of space in the attic bedroom. A minimalist or Zen like design style could work better as it will be less cluttered hence making the room look more spacious. No matter what you decide, remember to be certain that you like it, this should be a cozy, comfortable space.

When decorating a small attic bedroom you should also think about things like the placement of your furniture and accessories. Utilizing the principals of Feng Shui in your attic bedroom can help bring harmony to your home. Making sure doorways are clear of furniture can help make it seem bigger. Plus, if you can focus the eye on the larger pieces like a big mirror, it can help make the room feel more open.

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