How To Decorate A Cozy Winter Home

How To Decorate A Cozy Winter Home – Winter is the time of year when we are indoors a lot. You spend a lot of time in the living room, so make yours as comfy as possible.

Swap out summer patterned and light cotton. Keep a variety of stylish throws folded and readily available for TV watching and lounging.

Make sure your fireplace is ready to go by having all the fixings available: a short stack of seasoned logs, kindling, safety lighter and iron fireplace accessories. Have a crackling fire ready in just minutes! Safety tip: always remember to keep the flu closed when the fireplace is not in use.

Keep a variety of board games like Scrabble and Pictionary as well as art supplies, on hand for snow days. Stow in decorative baskets or storage bins.


Bring winter touch in the kitchen

The kitchen is a place to gather with friends and family. In the winter it’s nice to spend a little time lingering here…

Nothing warms the soul better than a nice cup of hot tea or cocoa. Keep a decorative tea kettle on the stove-top so it’s ready to go. Have a box of assorted teas, cocoa, and chai on hand for family and guests that drop in.

Decorative wall art adds warmth to bare white walls. You can showcase family photos or even add a great looking wall mural for more color, warmth and style. Create connections and conversation with your wall décor.


Decorating tips for the bedroom

At the end of a long winter day, you need to have a super inviting bedroom that you love. Make the most of yours with the right touches.

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A down comforter or duvet adds warmth without feeling uncomfortable. Flannel sheets are a real treat and prevent the shock of getting into an icy bed at night. Dress the bed up pretty with pillows and decorative shams to add to the layered look.

Add a luxurious sleigh bed or go for an upholstered headboard to enhance the feeling of coziness. Consider adding a canopy with curtains for a beautiful and elegant retreat.

Store sheer panel curtains until the warm weather returns. Use floor length paneled drapes in heavy fabrics to keep the warmth in and drafts out.


Winter decorating in the bathroom

Get ready to rise and shine and face even the coldest day. Add a heavy duty shower curtain liner to help keep chilly air out. Tile floors are cold in the winter. Add comfy warm throw rugs to have something nice and plush for stepping out of the shower or bath.

Use your thickest and most absorbent towels during the cold winter months. Have an assortment neatly stacked or rolled in a decorative basket right next to the tub or shower.


Use these winter home decorating tips to help get all the rooms in your house feeling warm and inviting. Make the most of your beautiful home in the cold winter months.

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