How To Clean A Decorative Pillows?

How To Clean A Decorative Pillows? Decorative pillows are most commonly made covered in fabric, which can collect dust mites, dirt and oils. In order to keep your pillows sufficiently clean, it is important to wash the fabric using a gentle, yet effective detergent. When cleaning decorative pillows, you will need to wash them by hand to ensure that the fabric isn’t damaged.

Items needed for cleaning a decorative pillows are: gentle detergent, bowl, soft washcloth, cotton swab, soft toothbrush and towel.

– Fill a bowl with warm water.

– Pour 2 tsp. of a gentle detergent into the water, mixing it in well.

– Soak the end of a soft washcloth in the water and wring it out.


– Dab the washcloth onto the surface of the decorative pillow, moving the cloth around in gentle circles.

– Dip a cotton swab into the water, then squeeze out the excess water with your fingers.

– Rub the cotton swab over areas that require more cleaning, such as a stain or sticky spot.

– If deep staining exists, dip a soft toothbrush into the water and rub it lightly over the area.

– Rinse the end of the wash cloth in clear water and dab it on the soapy areas. Wipe off the pillow gently using a soft, dry towel and allow it to air-dry.


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