How to Add Character to Your Home

Decorating your home and choosing the design elements can be a rather overwhelming task for the typical homeowner. With so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out what works best in the space, and how to achieve the vision you’ve got in your head. One thing that homeowners can complain about when it comes to design and décor is a lack of character in their home. Even with your best design intentions, the space can still feel like it doesn’t have any sort of unique character of its own. So, what’s the best way to fix this?

We’ve got a few tips to use that will instantly add character to your home, and can ultimately transform the space, helping you to achieve your vision.

Choose a Dark Colour for the Walls

Changing up the paintcolour palette in your home can do wonders for the overall style and feel, but when it comes to character-adding colours, you want to choose something that is dark and bold. Steer clear of the bright and airy colours and consider something like black, deep blue, a rich grey, or even an earthy brown. Any of these will give a dose of character to the space.If you’re feeling apprehensive about painting the whole room a dark colour, just choose one wall that can be an accent wall.

Use Rustic Flooring

Another fabulous way to add character to your home is to embrace rustic flooring throughout. Not only is rustic flooring able to add a sense of character, but it also helps to warm up the space, make it feel more comfortable, casual and simple, and really tie the design elements together. You can visit online stores likeLubelska for inspiration,where you will find stunning reclaimed oak, brick, and terracotta floor tiles. Each of these options will add style to your home and give the illusion that they have been there all along. Their products are actually sourced from across Europe, so it feels as though they have a story behind them. You can find out more here.

Wall Panelling Gives an Instant Transformation

Then there is wall panelling which will instantly make the room feel customised and filled with character. You can panel all the walls, just one wall, or just the upper or lower half of the wall. You’ve got a lot of different options to work with. You can add more character by painting the wall panelling.

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Tap into Your Inner Artist – Create a Photo Wall

Artwork is a big part of creating character in a home, but what if you don’t exactly know what you like, or you can’t find art that works with your existing space and your personality? A simple solution is to create your own gallery wall using personal photographs. The photographs can be of family and friends, destinations you’ve visited, nature, or any other theme. To make it more interesting to the eye, play around with different sized and shaped frames that are all the same colour.

Using these simple home décor tips will help you to inject a little character in your home and create that vision you had been hoping to achieve.

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