How Do You Make a Patio Interesting?

Patios are an underrated design feature, especially since many of them are not well designed on most properties. If you’ve resigned yourself to an underwhelming outdoor space, we have the professional tips you need to make the patio of your dreams a reality.

Outdoor living space

The biggest benefit a patio brings to your garden is its role as a focal point for outdoor living. Without a place to host friends or conveniently place chairs and tables, even the nicest garden will still seem like a spot for the birds and the bees, not a fun barbecue outing.


By creating an inviting space, you’re making your garden friendly and welcoming, and it’s also a great way to stage your home for a sale. A patio makes hosting convenient, and draws the eye as a focal point. However, not all spaces are created equally.

To cover or not to cover?

Your first decision is whether to cover your patio. For most homes, the answer is a guaranteed yes. It’s a simple addition, and will pay for itself over and over again. Not only does this give you protection from inclement weather if you’re entertaining, but it also helps to:

  • Keep dust and debris off of the patio (and your guests)
  • Adds extra visual appeal
  • Provides a way to personalize and decorate the space
  • Protects sensitive plants from adverse weather
  • Enables you to install furniture, appliances, and lights in a safe manner

This isn’t to say you can’t have an attractive non-enclosed patio, however. It will just need a little more care and attention. These can be better suited to smaller spaces where the addition of a roof would be overwhelming or cast dark shadows onto the house or garden.

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Creating an eye-catching space

Once you know the basics of your design, how do you make an attractive build? Here’s some points to consider.

  1. Dreamy designs: There’s a wealth of gorgeous paving designs open to you, so why not use them? Create texture, mood, and pattern with smart paving choices. Don’t shy away from strong spatial design and bold colors, either.
  2. Personalize: Your home is your space, so design it to your liking! While there’s many beautiful ready-made designs out there, adding a personal touch will help make it feel like part of your home instead of a showroom. Remember, if you have pets, design with pet-friendly plants in mind!
  3. Use levels: Another way to introduce interest is through levels. Whether you work to incorporate a garden that’s already on a slope, or introduce level changes artificially, it’s a great way to add interest to the project. Just make sure it’s accessible for the whole household.
  4. Don’t be a square: Circular, and even asymmetric, patios can be as interesting and practical as the traditional square or rectangular forms.
  5. Lighting: Plan how you will light your patio from the start. This enables you to build in trunking for power cords, as well as plan the ambiance perfectly.

With a little thought and smart planning, you can create a gorgeous outdoor space with little hassle. How is your covered patio designed? Do you have any tips to share? Be sure to let us know below!

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