How Children Express Themselves Through Room Design?

How Children Express Themselves Through Room Design? – A child’s room is not only a place where they sleep, but it’s a place where they can grow and express themselves. Letting your kids help decorate their room and expressing their personalities is important in creating a space where they feel safe and comfortable. You can involve your children in the initial room design process or incorporate elements that they can add themselves as they grow.


A fun design element you can add in your child’s room is chalkboard wall paint. Paint a closet door, an entire wall, or simply hang a framed chalkboard to let your child’s creativity shine. If you’re worried that the black chalkboard paint will clash with your current room decor, there are plenty of other colored chalkboard paints that will go with your color scheme including blue, green, purple, pink and more. It’s an easy application that will give your kids endless fun drawing on their walls.


Another easy way to let your kids express themselves in their room is magnetic boards or magnetic wall paint. You can even add this element to your chalkboard paint. You can use a magnetic paint in mixed form with the primer, or mix a magnetic additive powder to regular paint. About three even coats of the paint are suggested, and adding more will increase the magnetism. If you use the magnetic primer mix, after it is dry you can cover the wall with a non-magnetic paint color of your choice. This magnetic paint is also a great way for your kid to decorate their walls without having to stick nails and pins in the walls.

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Memo boards are also an attractive way to let your kids express themselves. Let them fill these boards with their favorite pictures and drawings. You can even make your own memo boards with your choice of fabric and ribbon to complement your kid’s room design.

For another great way to let your kids decorate their rooms themselves and express themselves is incorporating cork board throughout the room. Cork is available in tile squares so you can customize the size and shape of your cork board wall decoration. You can use natural cork, painted cork, or patterned cork with stripes, polka dots, and more designs. And as they grow, they can pin up some of their favorite things, ticket stubs, and mementos.


You can also let your kids express themselves in their room by letting them display some of their favorite things and hobbies. If your child is into music or sports, they can display some of their instruments or sporting equipment in a stylish and creative way. If they enjoy comic books or writing, let them show off their favorites in their room how they want. This will allow their personality to shine through and grow. Turn your child’s art into a stylish wall decoration by framing some of their favorite pieces. Display the art in an interesting manner by hanging them in a pattern on the wall. You’ll not only show that everything they make is special, but it will let your child express themselves as individuals. It’ll help boost your child’s self-esteem by posting their artwork, awards, and achievements.

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For some extra self-expression in your kid’s room, let them create their own wall mural. You can let them paint one themselves, choose one from a collection of images, or create one from a picture of their choice. A wall mural is a perfect way to let your kids decorate their room the way they want to and will last as your child gets older.

These are all great ideas for interactive kid’s wall art for your child’s room. They’re all perfect to let your child express their personalities as they grow up. They can display their artwork, drawings, and favorite photographs. Parents can even interact with their children in a fun way by leaving notes on the different chalkboards, magnetic boards, or cork boards in their bedroom. These design elements will give your kids something to be excited about and bring out their creative side. Let your kids develop their personalities in a room with endless possibilities.



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