How a Window Update Can Change Your Home for the Better

In the DIY world, windows don’t get a lot of love. However, refreshing the look of your windows can be a great way to give your home a facelift, and it can be done on a budget, too. Today we look at some smart ways to update your windows and improve your home.

Starting with new windows

If you have the money for a full home revamp, new windows can do a lot more than look attractive. There’s been leaps and bounds in building material over recent years, and many of these will also make your home a more energy-efficient space. From laminating existing windows, to using double-pane and triple-pane technology, you can do a lot to prevent energy seeping through the windows. An eco-friendly home is a cheap one to run, too.

Full window replacement isn’t as pricey as you may think, especially if you don’t want to change the shape or placement of the window, but just upgrade the frame. You’ll probably want to call professional glass technicians to see exactly how complicated the work will be if you want to take this route. However, it’s a great way to modernize your home.

Updating the windows you have

If brand new windows aren’t in the cards, perhaps one of the simplest things you can do to make your windows look great again is paint the frames and sills. This goes double if they are damaged or warped. You can replace an entry sill for very little money, or sand, fill, and reseal the existing ones if they’re still in good shape. Take the time to check that your window frames aren’t warped or cracked, too.

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There are some window materials you can’t paint. This includes PVC and vinyl windows. However, cleaning them properly and painting the surrounding area, or even painting a fake frame around them can do a lot to improve their looks.

More than just cosmetics

Sometimes, it’s not just about how a window looks, but how it performs. Over time, issues like dampness, the settling of your home, and even daily wear and tear can affect how your windows perform. Much of your home’s energy costs are tied to how efficiently your windows perform. If they easily leak air to the outside, you’re wasting money heating or cooling your space when there’s leaks and drafts.

Caulking and weather stripping are two cheap, simple, DIY extras you can add to your windows to vastly improve their energy efficiency. Start by visually inspecting your windows, seeking for those cracks we mentioned, and evaluating the existing frame for warping. You can use caulk and a suitable filler to repair small issues. Use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, allow it to set or cure, and then sand and paint accordingly.

However, if there is bad warping or very large cracks, you may not be able to rescue the situation. You may want to call in an expert to see what they can do to assist you. Weather stripping is used in moveable joints to create a better seal. This makes it especially good for storm windows and sliding windows that are a bit leaky.

Making sure your windows look good is a great way to give your whole home a facelift. Whether you’re keen to get brand new windows installed, or just want to refresh the ones you have, it’s a task that will reward you well in increased curb appeal.

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