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Hot Tub Accessories – Who does not want to come back home and have a relaxing time in a hot tub? A great addition to your home, a hot tub or spa can be the ideal source of stimulation after a tiring day. But then, it needs to be maintained properly so as to serve you for a long time to come. Here lies the importance of buying the right hot tub accessories.

Most of these accessories are meant to pep up the life of your hot tub by providing you relief from the load of maintenance. Some of the most commonly used hot tub accessories are:

hot tub

Spa pre-filter

Even if your spa is fitted with a filter, a pre-filter helps in getting rid of the contaminants in your tap water before it reaches your spa. This automatically leads to an increase in the life of the main filter, as it is left to deal with a lesser amount of contaminants. As one of the premier hot tub accessories, pre-filters are available in a variety of sizes. They can be easily attached to your garden hose and can help ward off dirt from your spa.


Spa blanket

It is used for slowing down the evaporation process in a hot tub. Consequently, it leads to a reduction in your heating and watering costs. Less evaporation means lesser need of chemical addition and an enhanced chemical balance in the water. A spa blanket is a hot tub accessory made of plastic and usually customized to suit the size of your spa. Easily usable under the spa cover, this blanket retains the heat in the pool, thereby acting as a thermal blanket. It is a must have for people who are habitual to using their hot tubs excessively in cold weather conditions.


Spa blanket

Spa cover lift

Lifting a spa cover can often end up being a taxing job. Struggling with the cover every time you want to use the spa can even strain your back. Moreover, constant dragging or lifting leads to an increase in friction that can impact your hot tub’s insulating cover. This is where a hot tub accessory like a spa cover lift can come in handy. Other than making your task easier, it helps extend the life of the insulating cover by eliminating the friction.


Thermal cover

All these hot tub accessories are easily available with premier hot tub dealers and manufacturers. If you are unable to find the right one for your home, just log on to the web and browse for information. Arctic Spas is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of hot tub accessories that help in proper maintenance of your hot tub and spa.


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