Home Renovations: 10 Ideas To Give Your Home A Whole New Look This Year

Our homes are our castles – a retreat from the outside world and a space of relaxation and comfort. When it comes to home renovations, it is important to consider your home happiness and comfort along with the cost of the changes. There are many areas within the home that renovating can benefit – here are some of our favorites.


Stairs are the first thing you see when you enter a home and are often neglected when renovating. You should invest in a unique and stylish runner to add character. You could paint the banisters or replace them with new timeless wood or chic glass.


The kitchen is often a multipurpose room, so its style can say a lot about your home. You should invest in new appliances as soon your current ones show signs of faults. What you choose to do depends on your uses for the room. If you socialize in the kitchen, you could consider an open plan with plenty of comfortable seating and a large table.


A new front door can make your home exterior look totally different. You could paint it a bold shade to add a splash of color. Invest in high-quality hardware to make it look expensive and luxurious.


Make your bathroom a relaxing and luxurious place to be by installing an extra-large bathtub or walk-in shower with a rainfall showerhead. His and her sinks are excellent for giving you and your partner enough space for your bathroom essentials.


Open plan living spaces are excellent for a big family or for those who like to entertain friends. You should knock down walls between two downstairs rooms to make the perfect open plan living area. This is a big job, so you should look into funding options like cash out refinance on your mortgage. The Home Loan Expert can give you all the advice you need to weigh up your home renovation options.

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Attic Room

Make use of the space in your attic by converting it into a functioning room. You could make a spare bedroom, home office, music room or at-home library, depending on the space available.


Convert your garage into a workspace by installing a workbench and inbuilt storage for tools and supplies. You could extend your garage to make enough space for a car and work station.


Installing a deck will give you a place to relax and socialize in good weather. You should choose durable materials for the deck and treat the wood to prevent water damage and rot. Invest in some high-end garden furniture such as recliners for sunbathing and tables and chairs for dining outside.


If you live in an area prone to extreme weather, you should invest in shutters to protect your windows. Shutters add character and timeless style to a house while keeping your home’s interior shaded and secure.

Flower Beds

Consider revamping your garden’s flower beds to create a relaxing garden oasis. You could use plants that bloom in every season to give your garden color all year round.



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