Home Improvement Projects During The Summer

Home Improvement Projects During The Summer – Summer time means barbeques, baseball, camping, and, of course, home improvement projects. As the weather gets nice and the days get longer so do lists of home improvement projects. Here are a few projects which are best done in the summer maximizing the long days and the good weather!

Gardening/landscaping: Depending on which part of the country you live in it may be too late to plant a garden from seed, but you most likely still have time to get your garden going using starters. Plant now, be sure to properly weed and water and you will enjoy your vegetables all fall.


Many landscaping projects can be done throughout the year but it can be easier and more enjoyable during the summer. Build a rockwall, plant some perennials, or put down a fresh layer of mulch. Working in the summer ensures the soil will be easy to work with and completing these projects now allows you to enjoy them for the remainder of the summer and fall.

Exterior painting: In many parts of the country 80% of exterior painting gets done between the end of June and middle of September. The reason is the weather is more predictable and warmer; you don’t have to worry as much about getting rained on in the middle of applying the second coat of paint. The summer months are also a popular time for staining decks. Not only do most people spend a lot of time on their decks during the summer and thus want them to look nice, but the long days are ideal for completing a re-staining job in a weekend.

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Roof replacement: Summer is the perfect time to replace your roof because there is no chance of getting snow and the weather is more predictable so you can plan the best time to tear the roof off. There is nothing worse than tearing off your roof right before a large rain fall! Also, in the summer you don’t have to worry about losing the heat from your home as you would during the cold winter months.

Screening in your porch: To fully enjoy the outside without the bugs, screening in your porch is the only way to go. This project can actually be competed almost anytime during the year but will be enjoyed during the summer.


Get air conditioning unit tuned up: If you haven’t already done so you should get your AC tuned up. Many units use close to 50% more energy when they are not running properly. With the rising cost of energy you can’t afford to keep your air conditioner running below its peak.

The preceding is a list of projects which are best completed during the summer months. There are many other projects that are also completed during the summer but the ones above should be moved to the top of your list to maximize the weather during the summer.

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