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A doorknob hanger is home decor product which is an excellent way to convey a temporary message. It is ideal for patient rooms, guest rooms, offices, baby’s rooms and conference rooms. Some of these hangers are specially designed to convey a message of “privacy wanted”. Children love to use home decor products as knob hangers to send messages to their parents, siblings and friends. For a library or a reading room, doorknob hangers are a funny and creative home decoration to promote a library referendum and encourage reading. They are also used by companies to announce their deals and new products. Additionally, these hangers work as a marketing pieces in canvassing programs. Making doorknob hangers is a fast and simple craft for kids.

Home decoration as doorknob hangers are pieces of materials with different messages printed on them, making them an economical and convenient way to advertise. They are brightly colored and approximately 12 by 24 cm in size. For advertising requirements, double-sided full color hangers are available.

Doorknob hangers are made of heavy plastic and are designed to fit on any door knob. Today’s door knob hangers are professional and classy-looking. They are available in as homemade decor products and can be purchased in shops or at craft shows.

Doorknob hangers made of fiber board make great reminders. Hangers with removable magnets are also commonly used. These are decorated with stickers, markers and crayons. With the growing number of manufacturers, an extensive collection of doorknob hangers in different color and design are available with prices varying on the basis of design and quality of the material.

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