Home Decorating With Eco-Friendly Furniture

The generations that are adults now have grown up hearing the reduce recycle reuse mantra since we were school kids. The nigh religious movement toward vegetarian and vegan diets, to the raw food fad fringe. They are all part of a rising movement, ‘Be Green’. We aren’t just talking about how we dispose of waste, or transport ourselves and our goods, the drive to be eco-friendly is shaping new trends in how we live our lives, and even decorate our homes with eco-friendly furniture.

Modern furniture can actually be incredibly eco-friendly. Today’s designers are focusing on clean, elegant lines. Geometric shapes and forms to make efficient use of space. The preferred materials for dining room furniture are incredibly green if you take a moment to think past the fads and into what the trends are really representing.

Both glass and metal are highly recyclable materials. While the actual extraction process does have an environmental cost, recycled steel or aluminum are perfect for modern dining room eco-friendly furniture. When designing an interior space, it is really best to carefully consider not just he materials but their source as well. Highly recyclable metal and glass can have a high initial environmental cost depending on what industrial process was used. As a general rule of thumb, we would suggest contacting local metal workers and glass works to limit shipping as well as giving you a truly unique piece of modern eco-friendly furniture.


There is another material that is being much lauded as a highly renewable resource – bamboo. It is highly renewable because of it’s exceptionally fast growing cycle. Bamboo has been used in construction throughout much of our history due to it’s exceptional lightness combined with it’s durability and strength. In fact, it is being used today to make everything from flooring to cutting boards. There is really no question about the durability of it as a material, however since bamboo furniture is constructed of small strips of bamboo laminated together it is important that it be constructed and sealed properly. The layers should be crisscrossed and given a good waterproof seal to prevent moisture damage. With the right stain, bamboo gives the same look as hardwoods while being affordable and far more renewable.

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Being Green in our homes is not just about elected the right items and articles to bring into our homes. What we don’t bring in is just as important. choosing not to purchase non-sustainable products is a part of that, the other is repurposing and reusing what is already there. Couches and chairs can be recovered and or stained to match a new decor.


Upholstering wooden chairs can give them a whole new life and purpose in your home. In alot of ways, old furniture is the new furniture of today. A repurposed and reused table, chair couch or bed says a great deal more about the designer’s or owners creativity and style then a simple purchase. that purchase may show good taste but adapting that older piece gives the entire room more character.


Another trend that is gaining momentum is living small. This presents designers with several unique challenges that have benefits even for those of us not currently pursuing it. The goal with living small is literally that, paring down your living space and possessions to exactly what you need. Multipurpose compact and environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more accessible due to this. Couches with build in storage, tables that can be easily and safely stored when not in use, and kitchens that maximize efficient use of space.


Modern design is steadily embracing the concepts that the current adult generation grew up being exposed to. Home decorating with eco-friendly furniture has to make changes in how we live our lives to insure that we leave our children with a better planet then the one we found. While it may seem simple in theory, being truly Green takes effort and a bit of forethought as to what is really important. As well as acknowledging not all of use are able or interested in giving up our modern amenities and style.

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