Home Decorating With Baskets

Home Decorating With Baskets – Baskets are often overlooked yet very useful pieces of home decor. They’re versatile things that come in a wide variety of materials, colors and sizes to suit your decorating needs. They can blend in with many kinds of decor as well as provide some extra storage to your home. Here are some smart and unexpected ways to use your baskets to maximize their form and their function.


Kitchen decorating with baskets

It’s easy to find a basket for just about every purpose you can think of in the kitchen. Because there’s a wide assortment of things that have to be organized and contained in a kitchen, using baskets is a great way to get the job done while maintaining a decorating theme at the same time. All you have to think of is getting the right basket for the job. For example, get a deep and narrow basket for holding long-necked utensils, or a shallow square basket for dispensing napkins.


1. A basket with a hinged lid makes a great ‘cover-up’ for your phone headset, cell phone charger, and other utilitarian, but not pretty, items.

2. Set several small rectangular baskets on the back of your range ledge to hold teabags, sticks of gum, and toothpicks.

3. Colorful fabric-lined baskets can store fruits, vitamin and prescription bottles nicely.


Baskets decor in the bedrooms

Because you usually keep your personal articles in your own bedroom, there are often a lot of things there that should belong inside some sort of a container. You can use baskets as, say, a laundry hamper to keep dirty clothes out of the way or a toy box to quickly and conveniently store the kids’ toys. Baskets can also make for neat containers for trinkets, supplies and anything that might be otherwise lying around on the floor. With baskets, you can maintain a certain level of uniformity in your containers without limiting their functionality in any way.

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Baskets in the home office

Offices, particularly desks and workstations, tend to be full of small items like paper clips and pens that will clutter up any space if left unorganized. Small baskets are sure to find good use in offices as pen or paperclip holders, incoming/outgoing trays and as containers for all manner of office supplies. Small, flat baskets are great as containers to help you sort out your mail; having one for each category of mail should make the task easier. Larger and deeper baskets can be used to hold the umbrellas or walking sticks of guests and visitors. Deep, rectangular baskets are also good ideas for magazine holders to help in entertaining those guests.


Basket uses in the living room

1. Put the TV remote in a basket and leave it on the coffee table. Everyone will know right where it is.

2. Use a basket to store videos and CDs.

3. A flat rectangular basket can hold two stacks of magazines side by side and be slid under the coffee table if it stands on legs.


Baskets in the bathroom

1. A compartmentalized basket can be put in a closet near the sink to hold toothpaste, lotions and other grooming aids.

2. Small rectangular baskets can be put in a medicine cabinet to hold razors, shaving cream, dental floss etc.

3. Turn a tall square basket upside down over your plunger and set a decorative item on top of it to hide that less-than-pretty bathroom item.


There are countless more uses to baskets aside from the ones already mentioned above. There are just so many applications and possible uses for different kinds of baskets around the home that it would be impossible to list them all. Whether you’re going to use them as accents, highlight pieces, accessories or simple storage items, baskets are sure to fit into any role, any space and any decorating theme.

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