Home Decorating With Animal Print Rugs

Today with the topic of protection of animals a large number of people have got them into their homes in the form of animal prints on their linen, towels, carpets, curtains, bed sheets, blankets and rugs. The animal prints have become very popular and you can even find those prints on crockery and decorative items in the homes. They add a touch of modernity to the décor of the room and also do their bit for the protection of animals by spreading the message.

The animal prints can be used in your existing curtains by using fabric paint to add color and style by painting zebra or tiger stripes, leopard spots, and snake skin designs. Other popular animals that find their presence on these home items include giraffes, elephants, and lions. In most cases, these animals are depicted by their special feature, like the giraffe’s long neck or the elephant’s tusks.

Table linen is another very good place to spread the message as your table ware and your table linens will be seen at close range by a number of guests who drop in the natural earthly colors enhance the beauty of the animal prints. The animal print rugs are available in the market and also in the many online stores that specialize in animal print rugs. The idea of animal protection, importance of their existence on the planet and the need for them for human existence are all very explicitly put across very effectively by the use of these animal prints.

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There is a variety of animal print rugs available and the different designs actually depict the different animals with messages across them which may be in text format or in print format. The best aspect of having animal prints on these rugs and other items is that no animals are hurt or used for such depictions. The animal print rug, for example is made up of various materials ranging from wool, olefin, rubber, and ordinary fibers on which these pictures are printed.

animal-prints-rug2 animal-print-carpet

Since the animal print rugs are available in different colors, designs and styles, they are very commonly used to boost the décor of the room to bring some earthiness to the décor. Brown, golden yellow and green are some of the common colors used in these animal prints besides the fiery red and bright orange. These colors usually match the decor if the furniture used is made of wood and especially very rustic kind of designs is used in the manufacture of the furniture. Bamboo is another common material used in making furniture and the upholstery with animal prints would really look stunning with an animal print rug to match it.

animal-prints-rugs1 animal-print-rugs3

So whatever be the design and décor of your room, be assured that animal prints can match it and with the animals printed on your upholstery or rug, they are being protected by you. This also helps you to create a platform to show your solidarity to the cause of animal protection and live a green life.

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