Home Decorating In Day To Day Living

The greatest decorating ideas and themes will not work if you fail to take into account your family and how it functions at your house. You need to consider the everyday wear that will be put on all of your furnishings if you’ve got little kids. There are some obvious choices that should be made, such as chenille rather than silk. Also, darker colors, or at least medium tones, would be wiser choices than lighter ones as they are more ‘family friendly’ than, say, white.

Floor coverings also must be considered. Even if you might like the style and texture of a rustic sisal rug, you’ll soon realize that it isn’t very friendly to the sensitive knees of crawling babies. If you choose to go with carpeting, then it’s worth investing a little extra cash for stain-resistant carpets to protect against grime, spilled drinks, and other mishaps that kids and pets may bring about.

Needless to say, if you don’t have any kids or you live by yourself, you can pick any luxuries you would like, from expensive fabrics to marble flooring. The important thing is to always consider your tastes and preferences in combination with how and who will be dwelling in the house, as well.

Making redecorating decisions

When it comes to decorating, there really are no hard and fast regulations, just guidelines that will help your space to look put together and coordinating. The options available for decorating may be intimidating since there are so many, both online and off.

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If you are not really sure exactly what your specific tastes are, then it might help you to go through a few magazines and locate some pictures of rooms that really grab your interest. Your room doesn’t have to look exactly like the room in your picture- just find a few things that you like from different rooms now and then, and incorporate those aspects into your room.

Make yourself a room with harmony

For a room’s layout to be harmonious there ought to be some sort of unifying theme that runs throughout it that will help to blend it all together. When you have got that, you have harmony. Maybe you want to have the simple theme of ‘family’, which may include small details like photos of your family in special family picture frames, and big things like comfy furniture.

One method for making sure your room is unified is to make sure the scale is proportionate. You would not want to use low seating in a room with vaulted ceilings, nor would a large bulky armoire look right in a room with standard height ceilings. The fabrics you include are important to consider as well. Chenille may be a great choice for the couch, but would probably look out of place on a vintage Louis XVI chairs.

The colors you use are another very significant thing to consider in the design of your room. Try to avoid using an excessive number of colors in your room, perhaps two or so, and patterns should be used only when they connect with the theme. Think about putting together an outfit and use the same ‘rules’ when selecting shades and patterns for your space.

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Using accessories and art in your interior design

In the very same way that you pick fun jewelry to help make your outfit really great, you should choose the ideal accessories to add that extra zest to your room that will make it really great. You can grace the walls with serious artwork in simple black picture frames if you are more traditional, or use more fun and funky accessories and picture frames – how about lavish decorative picture frames – if your approach is more fun and whimsical.

Your artwork and accessories don’t have to be from the same time period; oftentimes it is much more intriguing to mix new and old accents – fine objects with flea market objects, new purchases with a few hand-me-downs.

You can even change the feel of your room every so often by simply rearranging your furniture and accents. Shop for home accessories and artwork – even furniture – in your own house; simply moving one or two or more items from one area to another may be all it takes to revise your room. You may be surprised by the number of new treasures you discover that you had forgotten about, or just weren’t noticed in its previous room.

You will find that when you put these tips into action, decorating can actually be not only fun but also practical and efficient.

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