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Tuscany is a place you fall in love with at once – even if the visit is only on the pages of a magazine. This is largely due to the rich style that is reflected in Tuscan decorating. Tuscan décor provides a place to relax and can use it as a place for entertainment. Tuscan home decorating ideas is inspired by the Italian countryside, blue skies, rolling hills, beautiful Italian art and exquisite hand painted ceramics. It is a way to decorate the place through plants or fruits or something which make feel green. For a Tuscan décor the main point to be considered is to provide green everywhere. One can use the runaway potato vine for covering the wall. This potato originally is planted in a couple of tubs and when it spreads out, the roots are cut and the vine is snipped, the potato plants fall away. This makes the wall ready for a water blast and then it is painted with an acrylic Murawash in stone.

Tuscan décor is not just decorating the place with plants. It is meant to give the place a shade of colors which makes the place feel living. We have come across the shades which makes the place look dull. Giving life to a place through colors and other decors is called to be Tuscan décor. Tuscan theme can also be applied for wedding ceremonies which makes the ceremony look decent and a good one with a Florence texture. Everything in a wedding when is designed with the floral theme in mind it makes the place look like wedding place.

Who can design it?

Tuscan bathrooms are noted for their serenity, beauty, and earthy charm.To begin the process of transforming your bathroom into a Tuscan delight, start to consider Tuscan essentials such as soft light, softer colors mixed in with warm earthy and even softer ivory and tan hues, textured walls and accents, scenes that evoke lush yet natural living, and sensuous special touches that remind you that a bathroom is not just functional but is also a sanctuary for beauty and peace. One can design the kitchen through the Tuscan theme giving it an overview of the sun. It can be anything related to sun i.e. it may be a sunflower designed in the dishware, or it can be the walls which are yellow in color to give it a feel that it is affected by sun or one can provide a window which lets the sun come in during the day time. Tuscan world is related to the old word. So everything which is antique can use for the purpose of designing the place with the Tuscan theme. So while designing a bedroom or a living room it can be the design of a pillow cover or a the design of the bed cover or the window cover or the door cover which is inspired by the Tuscan theme which makes the place look antique and since every antique things are good looking or in other words we can say that every old things are gold so the place decorated that way are also inspiring and good looking.

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Tuscan decorating ideas

A home may be decorated using a beautiful Tuscan landscape or may be by contemplating any of the below mentioned ideas.

Brick and stucco are generally what a Tuscan home is generally built of. Simplicity and modernity are two adjectives that describe a Tuscan home very aptly. The window dressings are simple and bold in character. The main objective behind a Tuscan home is comfort, convenience and a compact arrangement coupled with affordability and beauty of interiors. A veranda forms an inexpensive way to decorate your Tuscan home. Grape wines are planted at the base of every post of the roof of the veranda. The look exudes comfort and coziness. It makes the area look more spacious and elegant. The stairs are aptly placed and it provides privacy for the people living in the house. It gives it a cottage kind of an arrangement to the home. The kitchen is generally of a measurement of 10 by 16 feet, with a couple of closets at one end, and a back porch which is located behind the pantry and to its other end stands the back door.

Tuscan landscapes

The fertile and serene parts of Tuscany in Italy provide for ample beautiful and simple decorating styles and patterns. Adding a touch of Tuscany to your house is definitely going to be a pleasurable experience. Such antique Italian ceramics are popular sources of the traditions of Tuscany. The ceramics depicting the charm of Tuscan landscapes are found commonly in every farmhouse and villa. Some examples of Tuscan landscapes are the casa Colonica and stile Rustico.

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Casa Colonica – It is a simple block shaped structure made of stone with a roof. Such landscapes are found in abundance in and around the Tuscan countryside. It was once considered a privilege to be the owner of a farmhouse or a villa in Italy.

Stile Rustico – This is the landscape that goes with the Italian idea of a quiet and serene existence. The color scheme depicts the rich soil and soft greenery, beautiful hills and the charming olive trees are inspired from the peace of the Tuscan landscapes.






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