Home Decorating Ideas – Transform Your Living Room Easily And Quickly

People spend quite a lot of time in their living rooms or sitting rooms, often with their family and children, either chatting, socialising, playing games, watching television or reading. A living room needs to feel comfortable, somewhere you can relax and somewhere you feel happy to be, and to invite your friends into.

If you’re wanting to add a little extra character, style and elegance to your living room then here are few tried and tested ways in which you can easily transform your living room, creating more ambience, a feeling of comfort, and a greater sense of unique style.

1. Lighting. One of the most effective ways of transforming the feel of almost any room is the use of lighting. If you have one main central light in living room then this can often reduce any sense of cosiness, and doesn’t give you much option to vary the lighting much. If you’re sitting in living room with a few friends all having a chat then you’ll probably be fine with having a lot of light, but if you’re snuggled up in the evening watching a film then you’ll probably want fairly low lighting for your living room.


The best and easiest way of improving the lighting in your living room, and giving yourself greater versatility is by having a few lamps around the room. Have one floor standing tall lamp, and two or three lower down, around the room. These can really help to create a stylish and comfortable ambience.

2. Radiator cabinets. Everybody knows that radiators aren’t the most appealing objects in your room, and their stark white metal appearance is hardly appealing or elegant. One of the quickest and most effective ways of disguising a radiator is by fitting a radiator cover over the top of it. Not only does this hide the radiator, it adds a great deal of style and elegance at the same time.

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Additional benefits of radiator cabinets include a possible improvement to the efficiency of your radiators, and lower fuel bills, as well as having an extra shelf for displaying things like family photos or vases. One quick tip though is to go for bespoke radiator cabinets if you possibly can, as not only do you get much more choice in terms of style, but you stand the best chance of seeing savings on your heating bill.

3. Rugs. Having a rug in your living room can add a great deal more to the space than you would imagine. A rug can make a room feel warmer and more welcoming, as well as helping to make large rooms feel cosier, and small rooms more spacious. The trick is to choose the right pattern. For a small room diagonal stripes can really help make the room feel a little larger, whereas a curved pattern can help break up the feeling of being boxed in if the shape of your room is fairly square.


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