Home Decorating: Bed Linen For Any Interior Design

Finding the right bed linen for home decorating can be more difficult than it sounds, as you’ll need to ensure the bed sheets and other items you choose for home decorating will be capable of keeping you suitably warm when needed, as well as allowing you to cool off during warmer times of year. You also need to ensure that your decorative bed linen is of suitably high quality that it will not deteriorate through use.

Many people living in temperate countries such as the UK have a range of bed linen suited to different conditions. For hot times of the year, when temperatures and humidity can make falling asleep a challenge, lighter materials are essential to avoid you feeling trapped and sweaty in bed. Even your bed itself could present a problem, with suspension-type beds being ideal for improving the air flow around you, ensuring that hot air is not trapped.


By contrast, winter home decorating bedding should be thicker and capable of trapping heat, and many of the same rules apply when choosing winter bed linen as when buying winter clothes. Home decorating duvets are a cost-effective way of wrapping up warm, and may be supplemented by blankets on particularly cold nights.


Materials such as down are particularly effective for retaining the right degree of warmth in blankets, comforters and pillows. For home decorating bed sheets, polyester and cotton blends are suitable for colder times of the year but may be uncomfortable in more humid conditions, while rayon sheets will feel colder to the touch and could be better suited to summer, as can silk sheets.

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Before buying any type of bed linen, you should take accurate measurements of your bed and mattress, to ensure the linen you buy will fit correctly. This can require familiarisation with industry standard sizes – such as ‘twin,’ ‘full’, ‘queen’ and ‘king’ – as well as measurements, which will usually be in inches.


You should also be aware of the difference in fabric quality when buying bed sheets, which is signified by thread count. Good quality home decorating sheets hold a thread count of 300 or greater, and the difference becomes less noticeable at higher values. If you’re buying from a store, you may have the chance to compare how different fabrics feel before making your purchase.


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