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Rustic Decorating takes on many forms including Country, Primitive, Cottage and Western styles. At Rustic Decorating we offer a unique cross-section of each of these, and then some. Many items are custom made to provide a personal touch that will be cherished for years to come. Rustic line includes: Rustic Wood Signs, Grapevine Trees, Rustic Furniture, House Plaques, Weathervanes, Antler Lighting, Barn Stars, Wildlife Decor, and much more. So, pull up a seat and browse awhile. You’ll be glad you did.

Homespun Rustic Signs

Homespun wood signs, rustic decorations for your country or primitive home. Our signs will add warmth and character with the essence of love, whether to remind of times past or present, to any decor.
These decorative signs start with an original, hand-cut, hand-stenciled design on solid pine. They are then hand-finished through a special process, that includes stain and sealer. All this gives it its own unique, aged, weathered and truly rustic look! Available in a wide variety of color finishes and backgrounds.



Grapevine Trees and Grapevine Balls – Decorations for All Seasons

Grapevine Products are some of the best quality you will find on the internet. All of these Grapevine Trees and Grapevine Balls are handmade from real, natural growing vines from the rolling hills of Tennessee.

Although Grapevine Trees have become a commonplace decoration for many homes in the Midwest and Midsouth such as Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan and Kentucky, they are fast becoming popular in many parts of the United States from East coast to West coast.

Now, gaining in popularity for a home or patio decoration are our Grapevine Balls. Made from the same natural vine, these come in a variety of sizes.


Grapevine Trees and Grapevine Balls can be displayed in your home, lodge or cabin year ’round. Although not recommended for year ’round display outside due to the elements. You can spray your Grapevine products with a light polyurethene product to help protect them from rain and moisture.

Add a touch of mini-lights to them and they make a great centerpiece or conversation item when entertaining family and friends. We have brown cord mini-lights that blend with the natural vine color available for sale as well.

They can be used to decorate your patio or porch, family or recreation room and, they make a great rustic addition to your Holiday decorations.

Old Adirondack Furniture & Accessories

Any vision of American outdoor style includes classic Old Adirondack furniture. This icon originates in the great Northeast woodlands of the United States and travels to every corner of our country. Rustic, yet refined furniture lines are found lakeside, poolside and in every backyard. Superb weathering characteristics of natural Northern White Cedar develop a soft gray weathered look of centuries past within a year in most climates. Old Adirondack furniture gives any home a sense of permanence and history.

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Our selection of Old Adirondack Bedroom Furniture and Accessories will add a classic touch to your rustic home or cabin. Clean and modern lines add a level of refinement to our bedroom groups. Two bed styles in all the typical sizes and a day bed as well. Headboards are also sold separately. Two entire furniture suites for your sweet dreams.


rusticsigns5Old Adirondack Furniture adds a classic rustic touch to any home. Discover some great ways to sit around the fireplace or your front porch. Rock into the sunset or sip coffee in your family room. This line of furniture is adaptable to every room in your house.

Custom Address Plaques

There are few products that can add as much curb appeal to a home as a personalized address plaque. Personalized Address Plaques will provide a distinctive touch to any home or business.

Each rustic address plaque is crafted of rust-free recycled aluminum in a variety of classic styles. The paint used on our plaques is specially formulated to withstand the harshest of elements and provide maximum visibility. Look at the individual plaque drop-down menus for color choices on particular plaques as not all colors are available on all styles.


We offer several size plaques to select from. Most plaques are available in two styles, a wall mount style and a lawn display. the lawn display style is accompanied by two 18 inch stakes to firmly secure in the ground.

We try to accomodate personalized requests by offering various font sizes for the numbers and street names. Take your time browsing over our selection of plaques as we are sure you will find just the right style for your home, cabin or business.



Weathervanes – Country, Rustic and Folk Art Styles

Over the decades weathervanes have stood the test of time as a reliable instrument to detect the direction of the wind. Although no longer relied upon as the sole source for the blowing winds, they are still functional and are an iconic reminder of days past. They have become a popular piece of folk art that have dotted the landscapes atop barns and homes across the country. Our Country Weathervane collection will provide that same sense of tradition and quality.

Our weathervanes are crafted of rust-free aluminum and each includes an adjustable aluminum rooftop mounting base; with exception of course to our garden display vanes.

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We have kept with our rustic styles that provide you with country, wildlife and rustic designs. This is a great way to enhance the look of your barn or home.

Real Antler Products and Cast Replica Antler Products

Real Antler items are hand-made from real shed antlers from East Texas. No animales are killed in the process of collecting horns.

The Cast Antler items are crafted to provide so much detail you will not be able to tell the difference between real and cast. However, the Cast Antlers are light weight to allow you several choices of where you want it mounted.

Amish Barn Stars – Sign of “Good Fortune”

The history of the Barn Star is an interesting one yet, one that leads to many varying stories on why they became so prevalent as a barn or home decoration as far back as the early 1700’s. However, one of the most common uses for the Barn Star a couple of centuries ago was to place a painted wooden or metal star on a recently built barn or large building as a, signature if you will, of the builder. One other consistency is that the various colors of a star hold their own special meaning. But, once again you will find a host of opinions on just what those meanings are.


What we do know is that barns, outbuildings and homes throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia and other parts of the Eastern states have been accented by the displaying of various star decorations for quite some time. Traditionally a symbol of ‘Good Fortune’ or ‘Good Health’, they have become a very popular barn and home decoration item across the United States.

At Rustic Decorating we try to offer a product that will keep with the tradition and meaning of the Barn Star, as well as provide a nice variety of sizes and colors to choose from.

WILDLIFE THEMES – Eagles and Moose and Bear . . .

There is an offer a large variety of rustic, country and primitive home deorating items that have a specific animal theme to them. Many of the items we sell on Rustic Decorating allow you to select yuor favorite animal or wildlife design.

We have separated some of our most popular animal themes here in one location so you can browse through the wildlife-specific items for each one.


Large Country Bell will bring back memories of the sound of a dinner bell telling everyone to “come and get it”. This attractive country decor bell will look great mounted outside your back porch door or walkway.

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