Home Decor For Thanksgiving Day

Home Decor For Thanksgiving Day – Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and family. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most difficult seasons to decorate your home for. Set the stage for family gatherings with these super easy Thanksgiving decorating ideas.

Thanksgiving Day home decor

Entry and living room. These will be the first impressions most visitors will have of your home. Make it special with fall scented candles burning to add that instant seasonal touch. Make the most of these spaces by creating festive displays on tables, shelves, and mantles with fun Thanksgiving themed figurines. A few ideas:

–  Pilgrim figurines. These can be purchased at many dollar and discount stores. When grouped together, these pieces create an entire Thanksgiving scene.
–  Foil pumpkins. These are the must have of the fall season bringing a new twist to a standard decorative accent that has been used for generations.

Dining Room. The dining room will be the focus of any Thanksgiving feast so spend the majority of your decorating efforts in this room. To make it a gathering your guests will never forget, add these special touches:

–  Gourd napkin rings. Inexpensive foam or plastic gourds can be purchased from most craft stores and when glued to a napkin ring, they become a one-of-a-kind decorative accessory.

–  Harvest centerpiece. This year, forget about the traditional floral centerpieces. Create instant harvest style by using pumpkins and gourds as the centerpiece to your table. Line them up with the largest items to the center and follow the path of the table runner down the center of the table. This is nowhere near as expensive as a fresh centerpiece and looks much less formal.
–  Gourd place cards. To create your own personal harvest place cards, use small gourds and a black marker. This extra little touch is unexpected and therefore a big hit with your guests who will be telling everyone about your crafty creativity.

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Outside. The outside of your home is its presentation to the rest of the world. It is also the perfect place to start your decorating. Flank your front door on either side with bundles of corn stalks, for a smaller version, hang dried Indian corn on either side. Flower pots and window boxes that have been bare since summer are the perfect places to create fun displays of pumpkins and gourds.

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