Having A Unique Space With Functional Art

Having A Unique Space With Functional Art – Functional art is defined as a piece of art that also performs a function. If your room lacks wall space and/or you have discriminate tastes, finding the perfect wall art can be a daunting task. Incorporating functional art into your space is a good alternative and it is simple to do. Functional art will provide the visual appeal and finishing effects we are looking for in a piece of wall art.

Functional art can be something as simple as cabinet hardware or a ceiling fan pull. Do a search on the internet and you will be amazed with the number of creative, unique and artistic hardware accessories available.


Pop art dinning chairs, LES Designs

Fabric accents are another good way to add color and visual appeal. You can find throw pillows, drapery panels and shower curtains patterned like famous paintings. You can also have your favorite photos or pictures printed onto fabric, which can be made into throw pillows or other fabric accents. This is a great way to display favorite family photos when you lack space for picture frames.


Van Gogh themed pillow cases

Lighting is yet another great way to incorporate functional art into your space. There are many lighting sculptures available on the market today. Artist Michiel Van Kets created a line of lighting sculptures inspired by astronomy. His stunning line includes floor and table lamps as well as wall, ceiling, and pendant light sculptures.

Michiel Van Kets

Michiel Van Kets’ ceiling lamp

Almost everything we use can become a functional piece of art. Whether it be something as small as a piece of pottery or as large as furniture, the possibility is there and the possibilities are endless. The next time you need an item, don’t just run out to the nearest super store. Spend a little time searching on the internet for something that was created by an artist. You’ll end up with a beautiful and unique space you enjoy spending time in.

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Wall Hanging Decorative Fornasetti Plates


The “Angry Dog” and “Shark” functional art tables, Bruce Gray


Furniture design by the artist Lee Jaehyo


Curt Weiser’s ceramic tea pot

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  1. hi,

    I’m Michiel Van Kets

    I do not produce those light sculptures anymore, which is why I wonder … where did you find my picture etc? just curious, as I didn’t make any of those piece in 15 years … I’m just surprised I’m still getting mentioned … and thanks for that 🙂


    1. Dear Mr Van Kets,
      We are thrilled with your artwork! As far as I remember, we found this photo somewhere on Pinterest. We hope you don’t mind to mention your work on our blog…

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