Have A Passion For French Interior Design?

Almost anything goes with the look of French interior design. Chairs upholstered in leather finishing deep button again indicate a sense of formality and seriousness about it, even while the chair is finished with a velvet suggest feel very comfortable and cozy. The final choice of fabric should be determined by the mood and atmosphere you want a room to pass.

Remember the French interior design is derived from the French countryside, which is full of old houses in the country, country houses and estates. This style is ideal for simplicity because it takes very few rules and is extremely flexible. You can mix and elegant hominess together for a look that can be beaten.

If the decor of the room and want to escape, you’ve done your French interior design perfectly. Perhaps, before you start your trip in a rural French, you should look at some of the many models that are currently on the market that reflect the unique look.


1. Start by choosing your color. For this French rocket think colors like moss green, various shades of red, gold, blue notes, purple and pink, and yellow or greasy. Ideally looking for a rustic but natural. Moreover, also wants French interior design is an environment that is happy and bright. The best thing about the French conception is that literally anything. The final choice of fabric should be determined by the mood and atmosphere you want a room to pass.

2. If you need fabric or wallpaper for your room, then look at the fabric, a fabric that is French. There are many different types available, but finding something that is fairly neutral in color, but also has pictures of what is forcing your decor. Depending on where you buy web, you can be a little pricey. Use the cloth covers, potholders, towels or anything that requires fabric or wallpaper. If you can find fabric with roosters on it, not much better!

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3. Furniture for French designer shopping is fun! Ideally, the furniture that looks and feels rustic. The more you use, the better it will be in your room. Stay with all natural as these parts were stripped and painted in a dirty white or light green, but another great option is dark wood. Something wrought iron can do very well in this room to complete the French interior design. If you can find fabric with roosters on it, not much better!

4. Party versatility is very affordable because you can easily find in any store of ancient treasures, garage sale or flea market. Remember that the imperfections of its accessories can only look perfect. All signs written in French which is a shock and, therefore, old pots and French ceramics. The roosters are very focused this French interior design. Flowers are a must to complete the look, especially small scattered groups of lavender.







lavender1 french-pots


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