Halloween Windows Decorations

Halloween Windows Decorations – Halloween is one of the best times to have some seriously wacky fun with hair-raising decorations people will remember for years and years. A good way to decorate your home windows is to liven them up with a theme for occasions like Halloween.

For Halloween you can stick some of those owl, black cat, pumpkin and ghost removable decals you can buy in your window.

You can get the kids involved and do a project together making paper cut outs or felt cut-outs of Halloween objects and have those hanging by some twine from the curtain rod.

You can also hang some orange colored lights around your kitchen windows or put chunky orange candles along your window sill. Its best not to light these though, just use them for the decorative effect.

Nothing spells Halloween like a carved pumpkin so if you have a wide enough window sill or can place a shelf or table up against the kitchen window, you can place a carved pumpkin with some small tea candles sitting in it or to be safer you can buy those battery powered lights that flicker just like a candle, so you have a glowing pumpkin that can be seen from outside your window.

Spooky ghosts can give your house a festive atmosphere for the Halloween season and the entire family can involve themselves in the creation. You can make spooky window ghosts by just hanging your ghost from the window so that people can see it from outside. You can make these ghosts out of materials such as tissues, handkerchiefs or just about any household material. There are endless possibilities and there is nothing you cant do if you just apply your imagination. Decorating your home with spooky ghosts is a sure way of making your house the most popular one in the neighborhood during the Halloween season.

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Another great window treatment decorating idea for Halloween is to place a small branch across the window and have a felt cut-out silhouette of a witch sitting on it, and add some felt or decal owls and a moon to enhance the effect.

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