Guide For Buying A Baby Crib

Guide For Buying A Baby Crib – A good baby crib can be used for daytime naps and play times in addition to sleeping at night. With this in mind it is only to be expected that you will want to buy a baby crib that has three main attributes. First it is must be completely safe for your baby. Secondly it must be comfortable – this applies equally to the mattress as well as the crib itself. Lastly you will want to enhance the look of the nursery by choosing a good looking crib. As long as you do your research it is not too difficult to find a crib that meets these criteria.

As future parents, it is easy to look at pictures of baby cribs and choose one based on its looks. It is much more important though to consider safety and comfort first, and the look of the crib last.

That is not to say that all three cannot go hand-in-hand, because they do if you stick with the more well-known brands. But because safety is the utmost consideration, it is worth devoting most of this article to discussing the most important things to look out for when a buying a new crib, from the safety point of view.


Baby crib by Kibuc

The initial thing to look out for is a baby crib with smaller gaps between panels. This is because wider gaps can pose a significant risk of suffocation to your baby. A baby’s head can very easily become wedged between the panels. It is recommended that the panels should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart.

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The next thing is to check that the hangars that support the mattress base are firmly fixed in place; otherwise they can pose a risk of choking to your baby. Also make sure that they are not accessible from above. This applies also to all screws, nuts and bolts. Nuts should be hidden within the frame of the crib so that it is not possible to get a finger in any of the holes.

When buying a baby crib make sure that the corner posts are less than 1/16 inches above the top of the panels of the crib. Longer corner posts significantly increase the risks of accidental suffocation or hangings as a result of entangled sheets.


The Sorelle Tuscany Convertible Baby Crib and Changer Combo

Lastly make sure that the paint or any other protective covering does not flake off when rubbed or scratched as flakes of paint can be harmful.

There are lots of other things to consider when choosing a crib. One thing that can save a lot of money in the long run is to choose a convertible crib. There are many on the market now that are effectively 4-in-1 pieces of furniture. Starting off as cribs, they can be converted as your child grows older, until it is a bed.

Another useful feature to look out for is an adjustable height base. As your baby grows you can lower the base so that your child stays safe. This is a great feature for saving your back from the stress and strain of lifting the baby.

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Tribeca baby crib, Aspace

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