Grey Color: Top Interior Trend 2015

Grey Color: Top Interior Trend 2015 – Grey is the new neutral, top interior trend 2015 and the color of choice for room makeover. It’s the perfect background color against which to present almost every shade of the rainbow, and works a treat with another of this season’s hot trends – citrus bright accents in furniture and accessories. Go for grey color interior trend if you love neutrals but need an update from all things taupe.

Decorating with grey color is anything but drab. Here’s how to make it work in your home:

– Keep it soft and sophisticated by combining grey with taupe, blue or yellow.
– It’s versatile – grey can be mixed with either warm or cool tones in a room, and is the perfect backdrop for pops of color.
– Grey’s metallic sibling, silver, continues to be a go-to choice for adding sparkle and sophistication.


Easy on the eye, grey color sits beautifully against other accent colors and can speak the language of love when it’s dressed in silk and satin; or be a tough talker when positioned against steel accessories and industrial living schemes.

With a right combination of lighting and furniture setup, grey color on a living room would make a perfect modern look. Two tones color involving grey color will also create a solid character of a room, for example on the open kitchen style represents the different side of dining or living room and the kitchen island itself.

Warm, silver grey color can give a beautiful, clear energy into your living room or home office. Avoid according to feng shui use of color grey in large proportions in one of your rooms – either your own, your kids’ or older parents’ bedroom.

Sensitive individuals should completely avoid grey color when they get depressed and get anxiety of it. Overall, a gray color which is best used as an accent color, because it provides a sharp energy which should not be overdosed. Grey decor can look refined and, dare we say, upbeat when done right.

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