Green Living With Interior Design

Green Living With Interior Design – Green living is from the heightened consciousness in people wanting to find newer ways they can contribute to saving the planet and leave fewer carbon footprints while they decorate their homes. There are some easy ways in which you too can join in saving the environment by creating an environmentally-friendly living space.

Choosing furniture can be easy when you shop second hand. Buying gently used furniture will save you money and reduce the need to deplete the natural resources. When searching for your used furniture you want to avoid furniture that is made from toxic materials. Buy furniture that is made from natural materials like renewable wood, latex foam, or wool batting.


If your home already has hardwood flooring down then you may want to just refurbish that. If you do want a different look then choose from bamboo flooring, stones, linoleum, cork, reclaimed wood, recycled glass, or metal tiles. Instead of carpet and padding try carpet tiles instead. Carpeting can accumulate dust, mites, and mildew so take this into consideration before buying any carpet.

If you have a few spots on the floor that need covered try an area rug. There are area rugs that are made from 100% natural fibers so they are a great green investment. You may even find an area rug that is made from biodegradable and recyclable materials.

jute-rug1 carpet-tiles

When decorating your walls you want to avoid using paints that contain a high content of VOC, volatile organic compounds. These paints release gas that contains toxic chemicals. Always check the paint labels before purchasing any paint. You can find eco-friendly paints at the local hardware store.

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When it comes to buying bedding or bed linen you want to go with organic cotton. This type of cotton is a natural fiber so it is free from synthetic chemicals that can be dangerous. Make sure the bedding you choose is treated with a non-toxic water based dye. Don’t choose bedding that is treated with formaldehyde. Mattresses should be made from latex rubber.

When decorating your bathroom you want to supply a waterless urinal or the dual-flush toilet. These models help conserve water.


Go for vintage furniture and furnishings, as these will encourage re-using rather than throwing away; and you still get to have that elegant feel in your home. Try not to buy items such as accessories that you will dispose of in a short time. You will just be adding to the non-biodegradable junk in refuse piles. There are many companies that specialize in producing eco-friendly furniture. Visit these in your quest to go green. The advantage of having an eco-friendly home is that you also create a healthier environment for your family to live in. That’s obviously an advantage that outweighs all else.


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