Green Color Kitchen Design

Green Color Kitchen Design – Kitchen, just like other parts of a house, has a significance of its own. Many people consider it as the heart of their home and their favorite place to spend time. It is where you do all the cooking and other related stuff.

A lively mood in the kitchen will result in an improvement in cooking. It is often used for gatherings and taste testing. That is the reason why a kitchen should have an appropriate paint job.


Choosing a green color for a kitchen depends on a lot of factors. It depends on whether you have a large kitchen with open spaces and seating arrangements, or a small one, which is just meant for cooking. The style of the kitchen also governs this choice, whether it is a modern home kitchen, which may require modern bold and bright green color shades, or a colonial styled kitchen, in which light greens suit the best. It also depends on personal preferences, though such a color should be chosen which makes sense of being used in a kitchen.

The green color may be an unusual choice for a kitchen design, but this color is actually extremely versatile and can create many different exciting color combinations. Firstly, green cabinets can look fantastic in a white and natural wood styled kitchen space.

If you have a large kitchen, like most of the modern home kitchens are, you should go for colors like pine or dark green. On the other hand, for a small sized kitchen, lighter green colors are the right choice.

Although muted tones of green can perhaps look best in a more traditionally styled kitchen area, bright lime greens are fantastic in an ultramodern space. Try mixing your lime green cabinets with sleek grey marble countertops, white walls, glossy hardwood flooring and plenty of chrome accessories and kitchen appliances for an uplifting kitchen design.

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On the other hand, green cabinets can bring a cottage feel to your kitchen. Bright lime green can brighten up the area while providing the space with a contemporary look.









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