Green Color In Home Decorating

The reason that green is a great color for interior decorating is because it’s like a neutral color. It is the color of nature, grass, trees… Green is a restful color, often associated with wealth. Green color is thought of as traditional – the green and red of Christmas ornaments and decorations.

Using the color green in interior design is a bit of a challenge – green is one color that can really go wrong on walls and fabrics. This is because the natural greens we have around us are never just one color. Even a small blade of grass contains several hues of green. So if you can see trees and lawns from the window, a solid green wall color might look a bit fake by comparison.


As we transition between seasons, green is an easy color to incorporate as an accent without transforming your entire space. The natural greens, from forest to lime, are seen as tranquil and refreshing, with a natural balance of cool and warm undertones. Green brings us soothing sensations and relaxing feelings. It helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety and offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony.
Whether you choose to purchase a pillow, glass piece, paint a wall or bring the outdoors in, green can freshen your look all year long. Green glass is a subtle way to introduce this color to your home. The translucency of glass gives a taste of the color without the intensity.

One way to use the color green in interior design is to combine different hues of it, or combine the color green with with other colors. Simply add green as a contrasting color accent to give a little pop to a space. Sage, gray, pink and magenta go well together (think English country cottage garden). Or, you could combine greens with neutrals and blues for a ‘coastal’ look. You could also try mixing a tiny bit of the complementary color, red, into your green paint. That mutes it slightly and adds complexity and depth.

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Alternatively, you could tint it with white or light gray, or discolor it with some yellow or blue – these are all ways to utilize the psychological effects of the color green while avoiding the decorating pitfalls.

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  1. I agree that green is very nature oriented. However, I think it definitely comes down to personality as to the shade and intensity of green used. It can very difficult to work with.

    I love your examples of using green in accent items though! Great way to bring it into a room.

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