Great ways to decorate your study area

With school starting again soon, it may be time for an overhaul of your study area. Whether you are a student, office worker, work from home, or just someone who prefers to sit at a desk rather than laze around on a sofa, there are ways to make your computer area a pleasant place to be. These simple tips will give you an idea of how to smarten up your work station.

image002While you may be tempted to choose style over comfort, you will actually be a lot more grateful for a cosy chair when you are spending hours at a time sitting at your desk. That’s not to say that you can’t have the best of both worlds however – there are plenty cushioned chairs on the market that still manage to retain smartness. It’s also advisable that you go for a spinning chair, as this will give you a lot more ease of movement in your study area.

Having a huge bookcase may seem impractical if you are going to be using a computer most of the time, but believe it or not there are some things that a computer can’t do, including acting as a storage unit for your decorations. This is a great way to multi-task a space in your study if the room is small, and a great way to keep organised.

If you are going to be studying into the night, it is important that you have a reading lamp in your study area to keep you awake and alert. The Artemide range offers some fun and trendy table lamps that will add some pizazz into the office, as well as keeping your room illuminated.

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Making a corkboard is easy and it will act as an effective organising tool in your office, or can be used as a decoration piece to hang pictures and memorabilia from to make your study area a more inviting place to be. There are plenty of instructional videos and articles online in you are in need of some inspiration and creativity.

A technique similar to making a corkboard is to paint a wall with chalkboard paint. This will allow you to write reminders, deadlines and inspirational quotes around your study room. This is slightly more expensive than a corkboard, but will cover the whole wall and act as a huge feature.

Make sure you keep your work station organised and decluttered. Buy plenty of pots, drawers and other organisational storage to make sure that you stay on top of your workload as a messy place makes a messy mind. You can buy cheap, unattractive storage unites and decorate them using paint, wallpaper, fabric or anything else that you have to hand to save some money.


If you are completely redecorating your study area, you may want to consider repainting it too. Colours like muted greys, pale yellows and trendy coffee colours will keep you focused and relaxed, and are not as bright as bright blue or boring like deep maroon, which may affect how fixated you are on the job at hand.

A statement light will brighten up a room that is otherwise dull in more ways than one. It will allow you to work at all times of day or night, as well as making your room more fun and elegant. Web retailers like Lampcommerce have a stunning range of ceiling lights and lamps that will transform your study area into a much more stylish place to be.

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Make sure you personalise the room to your taste – you will not find it an enjoyable place to be if you hate the decorations. Add pictures of your friends and family, and objects that remind you of fun times. As well as making the room look nice, they will help to inspire you in your office. However, be sure not to overcrowd your office with trinkets, as this will end up distracting you in the long run.

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