Great Design For Small Spaces

Great Design For Small Spaces – Interior designers face various challenges when dealing with a particular space. Among the most common challenges is dealing with a very small space. You have to deal with several issues when you have a small area to work on. This includes storage, comfort, and flow. How do you organize all your items in such a small space? How can you acquire comfortable furniture if the area is limited? Moreover, how can you move around freely?

It is difficult to have a great design if you are dealing with such issues. However, it is not impossible to achieve. There are various ways to work with a small room. You can still put up those metal wall decorations you have.

There are even a few tricks you can apply to make it look bigger. Here are some creative ways to decorate your small space.



First, make the design plan

Sketch the floor plan of the room. Measure it and indicate the pieces you need for the room. Check if you already have those pieces, and if you have, see to it that they fit. Here are a few tricks to make the room look larger:

1. Install a mirror on the wall. Mirrors can give the illusion that the room is larger.

2. Choose bright colors. Brighter shades can give a room a more open feel.

3. Paint your wall and ceiling with the same color to give an illusion that your wall is higher.



4. If you are going to hang curtains, make sure that you place the curtain rod near the ceiling. The curtains should run from the rod down to the floor.

5. Install enough light in the room. Even if you have bright paints on the wall, small areas can still look dark. The lights can make the area look larger.

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Keeping this few tips in mind will surely make a huge difference.


Choose furniture carefully

Keep in mind that you have a limited space. This means that you have to be sensitive with the sizes of the items you choose. However, you do not have to compromise comfort. Check the furniture yourself. If you are buying a small couch, try to sit on it. See how it feels as you use it. You can use armless chairs or apartment-size sofas instead of large furniture items like a conventional glass table.

Choose multi-purpose items

This is the best friend of small spaces. You can find many items today that are multi-functional. An example would be the wall hanging wine rack. It is decorative and functional at the same time. There are also coffee tables that double as storage area, the same with beds, and some seats.


Clutter is the number one no-no for small spaces. If you do not need the object, get rid of it. Before you execute the design plan, see to it, that you finished sorting out your belongings. Although you can create a design plan by yourself, it is better to consult a professional for this. It is also better if you consult an interior designer prior to closing the deal. Ask him if it would be possible to pull off the design you want.




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